Sweat’in out the Swine and Swill

Sweat’in out the Swine and Swill

22 brave souls opted to rise up Monday morning to shake off the cob webs and haze from the weekend festivities and entered the gloom.  Only to find out that Yo Yo Ma was making his Q debut and would be conducting the orchestra on this day.

Elementary Warm-up

–          Mosey to Parking Lot

–          COP

  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 21
  • Merkins x 20
  • Squats x 25

–          Mosey to Playground area

  • 10 Pull-ups / 10 decline merkins / 25 dips   x 3 — plank when finished

–          Mosey to far side of school

  • Peoples chair – 10 burpees
  • Peoples Chair – 20 mountain climbers
  • Peoples Chair – 10 merkins

–          Mosey to Track – ¾ speed bursts

  • ¼ lap – 15 jump squats
  • ¼ lap – plank / 6 inches hold
  • ¼ laq – 20 LBC
  • ¼ lap – 10 Burpees

–          Mosey back to playground area

  • 10 merkins into

Plank – O – Rama

Pass over to Zip-a-Dee for Adult size Beatdown!

–          Mosey back to far side of school

Basketball DRILLS & Suicide 8’s

– start with 1 burpee

– sprint to the farside of court 1 and back

– sprint to the farside of court 2 (7 air squats) and sprint back to where you started

Basketball DRILLS Part Dos (that’s 2 for the non-espanol speaking PAX) & Suicide 6’s

–       Same as above with Merkins and LBCs

Mosey back to the other end of the school but WAIT, there’s some wall so everybody grab some….

People’s Chair 60 seconds (part Uno)

Peoples Chair (part Dos) for 90 seconds incorporating air presses in cadence X30.


–       Dolly X20 (HOLD)

–       Flutter X20 (HOLD)

HOLD ‘EM — Run Stopper can I get a 10 count!

Freddie Mercury X20

Fantastic turnout for Yo Yo Ma’s Q debut.  It was a beautiful day indeed as I think it was the first dry morning in about 18.  Prior to launch, I heard many of the PAX comment that although the weekend was fun, could’ve used a few more days of recovery #wedon’tbounce back like we used to only to be told YYM was making his Q debut.  Then the comments were, man really — PAX on their 1st Q always try to bring it (which he did)and we just want to sweat it out a little.  Ask and you shall receive boys because although moisture wasn’t raining for the sky, it got steamy and wet quick as we got going.

I think O’Tannenbaum #renamedJohnnyComeLately was still stuck in a time warp from last Saturday in Outlands where he peddled to the workout on 2 wheels because he showed up just in the nick of time but had that pour sedan sideways and definitley didn’t have 4 on the floor if you know what I mean.

It really pained me to hear PP (Powder Puff) get renamed to Hair Band.  PP was an awesome moniker but Hair Band is pretty good too #SkidRowRocks…  Great showing by Deadwood who came out for the first time today and he brought it strong.  Great to have you and keeping coming out brother, I promise — it will NOT get easier!

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