Are those basketball players on a soccer field?

Are those basketball players on a soccer field?

5 of Ballantyne’s brave shed the fartsacks and posted for round 2 of the Foxhole.  It was a good turnout and we had a great pain session, but we are still looking for the remaining SOB’s to get in the trenches.  If you are reading this and you didn’t post, you should be feeling the peer pressure about now… Aye!   

The Thang:   

Warm-up COP in front of school

– SSH x 30

– Front lunges w/ twist x 10 each leg

– IW x 30

– Side lunges x 10 each leg

– Mountain Climbers x 25

– Back lunges x 10 each leg

LBJ w/ KB to parking lot by the fields

– 2 arm swing x 20

– KB on ground with toe taps x 30

– 1 arm clean x 10 each arm

– KB slingshot out in front and around back x 10 each way

– 1 arm swing x 10 each arm

– Russian twist x 15 

LBJ w/ KB above head to the field for a little Tutorial-o-Rama: Turkish Get-Up

– 5x shoulder lifts, 5x lift to elbow, 5x lift to left hand, 5x lift hip off ground, 5x leg up and under, 5x sweep leg and stand,

– 5x Turkish Get-Ups on each side

Partner up on one side line (KB size matters)

– Partner 1: Merkin rows w/ KB, Partner 2: High knees to other side line 10 knee-ups & back, flapjack

– Partner 1: Figure 8, Partner 2: Karaoke to other side line 20 mountain climbers & karaoke back, flapjack

– Partner 1: Squat w/ 1 arm shoulder press, Partner 2: Butt kickers run to other side line 10 squats

6 Minutes of Mary

– LBC with KB

– Dolly with KB press

– Mission Impossible

– Freddy Mercury (bicycles)

– High plank supermans

– Side low plank hip drops

5 minutes left – head to playground for AMRAP pullups

Then run to COT with KB 

The Naked Moleskin:

It was a great day in the gloom.  About half way through the workout, the PAX thought they were being stalked by an anonymous red coupe idling at the locked gate to the fields.  The concern grew as 20 more cars piled into the parking lot.  As the newcomers filed onto the field, the speculation continued.  Maybe they were lacross players? Maybe football? Soccer? Market Timer offered basketball as an option.  In the end, they were either soccer or baseball players.  I swear I saw a baseball bat.  Looks like we are not the only ones who know how nice this facility is. 

Welcome to The Worm for his first visit to Foxhole.  It is good to have you brother.  Make sure Mic Check follows through and joins us next week!

Mighty Mite showed us how a 45 lb bell is swung.  Strong brother!

Thanks all for joining the PAX this morning and humoring YHC with lower reps / better form and the Tutorial-o-rama session.  As TR mentioned last week, taking it slow and focusing on form will pay dividends and will allow some serious beat-downs to occur injury free in the coming weeks. 

Market Timer on Q next week.  Come prepared!

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Mic Check
Mic Check
10 years ago

It pains me to miss the new KB workout in Area 51. You can count on me and my 7LB bell to be there in the future.

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