Backcracker is back!

Backcracker is back!

40 fellas including 3 FNG’s ventured into the muggy gloom to get a dose of Backcracker’s band workout. After stiffing Hoff with the co-Q 4 weeks ago Backcracker and his son Firecracker were welcomed back with no hard feelings..


Bulldog warm up:
10 burpees (buying time for Backcracker to get his Eurosac)
Mosey to lot.
SSH x 25
IW x 20
Squats x 15
10 burpees
Plank right arm high/six inches/left arm high repeato
Merkins x 15
Mountain climbers x 15

Backcracker lead:
Select a band – green, blue, or black and find a parking space.
Wrists in band and plank walk sideways while stretching band and perform 10 merkins. Plank walk back for 9 merkins all the way down to 1 merkin.
Side shuffle to median with bands on ankles, face opposite way and side shuffle to trailers. Jog back.
Leg circuit – 20 side shuffles with squats, jog back, 20 lunges, jog back, 20 split jumps, jog back, 10 frog jumps. Repeat entire sequence x 5.

Bulldog lead for hills:
10 burpees at bottom and 10 diamonds at top. Repeat for 8,6,4,2. Plank.
Sprint to flagpole.
Circle up for 10 Turkish get ups.

Backcracker lead for Mary’s:
LBC’s three way x 10
Straight leg raise three way x 10
Mason twists x 10
1 minute plank


With the Hoff absent Backcracker sneaked his way back into the mix knowing that he would not have to encounter his barrel chested co-Q which he stiffed for a fartsack 4 weeks ago. Had a brawl ensued the pax money would have been on the Hoff considering his regular attendance over the last few months (and his 60 inch pectorals.) Backcracker on the other hand will not venture out in the rain, mist, or if humidity is above 50% hence this being his first post in a while. He did however bring backup in the form of 8 year old son Zach (FNG – Firecracker) who did a great job in his first F3 workout.
The Eurosac containing the bands of pain came out early with a brutal chest exercise involving a plank walk and merkin ladder which I am not sure many made it through. Big League Chew out-muscled the green band as it snapped under the strain of his mighty guns. The Q described the next round of legs as the “can’t get off the crapper” workout and as we hit the legs many of the pax will understand the meaning of this tomorrow.
A few groans were muttered with an impromptu hitting of the hills. A combo of diamond merkins and burpees finished many of the pax off yet there were no merlot spills. After a few minutes of Mary the legend of Donkey Kong failed to materialize as he called for an end to the workout instead of his customary burpee shout. The rubber bands may be the lad’s kryponite…
Great job by all. Hats off to Country Livin’ for his fourth post in a week and also to Dollywood for his second post.

Welcome to FNG’s Skeeter (from Minnesota), Minimum (last name Wages- well done Good Hands), and of course Firecracker (Backcracker 2.0.)

Saturday workouts as scheduled. Pig Pickin this Saturday for some 2nd F.

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10 years ago

Between the band workout yesterday and today’s Day Zero, pretty sure it’s going to be a bit tough to get off the porcelain tomorrow.

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