Out with 5, Back with 7

Out with 5, Back with 7

The Thang:  An early morning 6 mile run on Four Mile Creek and Lower McAlpine Creek greenways, roughly 8:00 pace out, and 7:30 pace in.


Four men and a furry friend headed out for a six-mile run early this morning, ran into a gaggle of clipboarders and managed to return back with six men and a furry friend.  After a good warmup on the way out, a few of us picked up the pace on the way back in and were able to peal Flyboy and Rock Thrill away from the RFYL crew and pull them in for the COT.

The Shore – hope you’re getting better and we’re looking forward to seeing you out there again soon!


  • Pig-Pickin on Saturday.
  • Area 51 T-Shirts are in.  You can pick-up from Mall Cop at Kevlar and Compass afterward on Fri, The Rock and coffeetiria at Starbucks aftwards Sat morning, the Pig Pickin Family Pic Nic Sat afternoon, The Matrix on Mon, Fast Twitch on Tues, and Death Valley on Wed. Otherwise contact Mall Cop directly.


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