Watch Out For Snakes

Watch Out For Snakes

Lap around parking lot with some high knees and butt kicks


  • 10 burpees 
  • SSH x 26
  • Slow squat x 15
  • IW x 26
  • 1 legged burpees x 5 (R)
  • Slerkins (slow merkins) x 20
  • 1 legged burpees x 5 (L)

Little baby jog over the the hill (which looked more like a jungle)

Jacob’s ladder

  • Group 1:  Run hill 7 times while laddering jump squats (1-7) at top
  • Group 2:  Flutters (mix in some LBC’s as needed)
  • Flapjack

Over to the baseball field for

Extended Mary (compliments of 49er)

  • Heels to Heaven x 20
  • Cumberland County Viaducts x 13 R/L
  • Prairie Fire Mary x 10 R/C/L
  • Old school sit ups while partner hold feet and planks – 30 seconds each
  • Flutter x 25
  • LBC x 25

Mosey to football field

Serpentine to other end of field and back with lots of karaoke, forward runs, backwards runs


  • Break into 3 groups
  • Starting in one corner, run back of end zone to back of end zone, then across field (roughly 170 yards)
  • 1 group runs while other 2 recover
  • Groups take turns as they keep going around field
  • Only time for 2 full laps


  • The hill was in serious need of weed wacking attention.  The cries began immediately “Watch out for snakes.”  Any volunteers for an F3 AO maintenance QIC?
  • You can thank 49er for the extra ab work today.  He admits he hates ab work.  He also posted in a backblast yesterday that he was looking forward to a “rest” at Death Valley today.  #thatswhatyouget
  • Everyone worked hard on the 170s.  Those really sucked the O2 out of you, but everyone looked strong.
  • YHC heard some moaning about getting dirty as we spent a lot of time on our backs.


  • HDHH tonight – possible venue change so look for updates on twitter later today
  • New Saturday workout (Outland) starts 7/13 at Sun Valley HS in Indian Trail.  Area 51 workout will converge with Outland for this Saturday.
  • Pig pickin this Saturday.  If you haven’t RSVP’ed to Bugeater, do so ASAP.
  • First annual F3 camp at YMCA Camp Thunderbird the weekend of August 16 – 18.  Details:
  • If you ordered an A51 T-shirt, they’re in and look awesome!.  Mall Cop is coordinating delivery at workouts over the next week.  Check your email for delivery locations.

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10 years ago

Well, if I looked strong of the 170’s, then that goes to show to that looks can be deceiving.

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