Deadly duo on Q at Kevlar

Deadly duo on Q at Kevlar

(Bulldog on behalf of Snakebite and Fletch.)
16 non-fartsackers fought off the desire to stay in bed after a wet July 4th to venture into the unknown with Snakebite and Fletch at the helm.


Snakebite Q – mosey to parking lot for the following:
SSH x 20
IW x 15
MC x 10
Enough of the cadence and to the hills and partner up:
Partner 1 sprints to top and back. Partner 2 does burpees. 50 needed between pair.
Partner 1 bear crawl up hill and run back. Partner 2 does merkins. 100 needed.
Partner 1 runs backwards up and regular on way down. Partner 1 does squats. 100 needed.
Partner 1 bear crawls up. Partner 2 does LBC’s. 100 total LBC’s needed.

Fletch Q – mosey to the creek and grab a rock with your partner.
Catch me if you can. Partner 1 runs around church with rock while partner 2 does 10 burpees and sprints to catch partner.
Plank to wait for stragglers.
Repeato with partner 1 running with rock and partner 2 doing 10 jump squats and chasing.
Plank and LBC’s waiting for partner.
Mosey to wall for Peoples chair. Arms above head, right leg up, left leg up.
3 minutes of Mary.

A night of HDHH cornhole resulted in Snakebite and Fletch taking the Q at Kevlar. As the pax arrived in the rainy, humid conditions it was only the hardest of individuals that would show for this one. We left the parking lot with 12 pax accounted for and somewhere in the warm up we gained 3 more with Mic Check, The Worm, and Lugie appearing. Big Gulp then showed up in Matlock style around 5:45am so we had our crew.
Snakebite took the warm up and had a whole new appreciation for Q’ing a workout and doing the count as he went silent after the 10th SSH. Yours truly thought that the emotions of finally being asked to lead a workout had got the best of Snakebite but instead of tears it was the O2 deprivation causing us to hear the crickets. The Imperial Walkers and Mountain Climbers really finished him up as he audibled “screw the cadence, lets hit the hills!” This is where Snakebite delivered the pain with some heavy running with exercises mixed in at the bottom.
Fletch then took the lead and we moseyed over to the rock pile to select a rock as big as your heeeed (hence the video.) According to Fletch many pairings selected some boulder style rocks which in hindsight was a poor move! This Q was not messing around either with a 10 burpee chaser around the entire church. Apparently TR wanted to avoid the burpees so much that he took off with his rock only for Mic Check to catch him just the once. Needless to say the pax were sprawled out all over the church grounds after lap one. Once we reconvened the call for lap two lead to some serious mumble chatter as the rain fell and those boulders got slimy. Time was a ticking and it was a brief stop at the wall for some Peoples Chair and Mary to finish.
Great lead from the new Q’s and a tough workout to take us into the weekend.

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Mic Check
Mic Check
10 years ago

I couldn’t catch TR for the life of me. That dude was carrying a rock and seperating from me.

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