Jack Webb and the Seven Dwarves

Jack Webb and the Seven Dwarves

11 Men descended upon the gloom of Loch Ballantyne for a morning of pain.

The Thang:


SSH X 25

Imperial Walkers X 25

Merkins X 15

Mountain Climbers X 15

Peter Parkers X 15

Burpees X 5

Mosey to the Haunted Forest and split up into 3 groups for some back work

Pull ups X 10

Dips X 10

Supine Pullups X 10

Repeato X 3

Mosey to the eastern shore of Loch Ballantyne

The Seven Dwarves Dirty 30

Run around the lake to the first wall for 30 Sleepy wall lunges

Run to the next wall and do 30 Dopey step ups

Run to the grill area to do 30 Sneezy jump squats.

Return to the starting point of the lap for Doc’s 60 calf raises.

Market Timer(the 8th dwarf apparently) audible for Monkey Humpers X 20…there’s got to be a  better name for these…..

Run around the lake to the first wall for 30 Happy wall squats.

Run to the second wall for 30 Bashful jump ups.

Run back to the grill area for 30 Grumpy jumping lunges

Plank and wait for everyone to finish in the field next to the grill.

Wheel Barrow full of Diamonds

Partner up for some wheel barrow walks with a twist…YHC yelled stop, at which point the pax were instructed to do wheel barrow merkins.  When YHC got bored of doing merkins, I yelled move again and the wheel barrow race resumed only to be interuptted by more merkins every few yards.  Once all the pax reached the other end of the field, flapjack + repeato.

Mosey back to the COP for some Jack Webb.

1 merkin + 4 shoulder presses, 2 merkins + 8 shoulder presses, all the way up to 5 merkins and back down again.

Heels to Heaven X 20

Dolly X 20

LBC X 20

Mosey back to the cars for COP


Before all the pain got started, Unfair mentioned that he doesn’t really enjoy running the mile.  Imagine how much fun it would be if you were 50 pounds heavier and/or 20 years older!

YHC named the the leg exercises during the running around Lake Ballantyne after the 7 dwarves in hopes of inspiring leg failure and a hunched or shortened stature for the pax unlucky enough to have posted today.

Market Timer and Freely’s Comet got really excited talking about ballet during the calf raises and insisted that we do some monkey humpers.  It was awkward.

The wheel barrow merkin race was a real #crowdpleaser.  We just might be seeing that one again…


Haggis mentioned that the Sons of Ballantyne will be facing off against the Friends of Fast Twitch on August 27th at a neutral location to be named later.

F3 Foxhole starting up on July 8th at Elon Park Elementary.  Market Timer and Honey Bee are your Q’s.  Bring a kettlebell.


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Market Timer
Market Timer
11 years ago

I stole Monkey Humpers from Skunk Works & Hoff. Apparently it has origins in a Marine workout so if its good enough for USMC, we are all honored to perform them. The ballet comments were necessary due to Frehley’s twinkle toes routine. But I will agree, awkward none the less. Nice Q.

10 years ago

No neutral site: home and away. That was the whole point. Elect your team captains to figure out the rules and scoring and get after it.

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