Lorenzo’s Oil Leak

Lorenzo’s Oil Leak

 The VSF was planted and 19.5 pax posted at DMZ this Monday morning.

The Thang:

Run to School for opening COP – SSH 25x, Diamonds 15x, Mountain Climbers 20x, Imperial Walkers 20x

Run to back hill:

Jacob’s Ladder x 7 – Burpees were the method of pain at top of ladder

Run to School Wall:

Partner 1 – Inverted Mountain Climbers while … Partner 2 – Sprint lot and back

Switch, Repeat 3x

Run to Park (5 Burpees at the speed bumps):

Park Pain Stations: Step Ups 20x, Prisoner Squats 20x, Merkins 20x: Three laps

Final Lap: Decline Merkins 20x, Wide Arms 20x, LBC 20x

Mosey to Basketball Court for some Mary – Dolly 20x, Freddie Mercury 20x, Rosalita 20x, Russian Twist 20x

Burn the last 3 min with Burpees – 1 min on, 1 min off, 1 min on.



We lost one of our PAX along the way from the school back to Carmel Park.  Where’s Lorenzo?  After extended plankorama at the Carmel Park lot, FOD gave the “recover” command and the pax turned to head to the playground to see Lorenzo jumping in his car.  Thankfully, no pax was left behind!

T-claps to Jamboree for running 1.5 miles to DMZ and back home after the pain FOD dished out.

Check out the F3 website for info on 7/4 Convergence and The Bear in NoCo.

SkunkWorks tomorrow at CDS — park in lot off of Fullwood, not at the high school.

Thank you all for the opportunity to lead this morning. 


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