It was all a dream…

It was all a dream…


After a brief summer nap this afternoon, confusion of time and place set in.  Did YHC sleep through his alarm and neglect his Q duties?  Was the painfest all a dream?  Why am I laying facedown in the driveway?!  That last question never gets answered.  But my smoked shoulders tell me it was the real deal.  And so we reminisce.

The Thang:

SSH x 25
Merkins x 15
Mountain Climbers x 25

Jog to field on yonder side of Loch Ness, partner up.
Partner 1 – lap around Loch Ness, stop half way at wall for 10 jump-ups, finish & tag partner
Partner 2 – At picnic tables; 10 squats, 10 derkins, 10 dips on repeat until partner returns

Over the river and through the woods, bridge lunge walk on the way.  Head to Hill.
Partner 1 –  up hill, 2 burpees, back down.  Repeat.
Partner 2 – Nonstop flutter
Partner 1 – up hill, 4 burpees, back down.  Repeat.
Partner 2 – Nonstop dolly

Indian run to 521 bridge. Stop for Peoples chair, hands up for 30, then press it out x 50 (not sure why multiple pax assumed we were stopping at 30 or 40 or 45)

Mosey to Premier parking deck.  Bear crawl 25 yards on the way.

Hit the Deck
Partner 1: sprint up the ramp to top of level 1, 10 knee-ups, back down to tag partner.
Partner 2: nonstop donkey kicks on wall.
Partner 1: sprint up the ramp to top of level 1, 10 jumps squats, back down.
Partner 2: nonstop LBCs
Plank it up, mission impossible.  Runstopper gives us a 10 count that seems to take about 45 seconds while noses graze the ground and shaking/seizure like activity kicks in.

Bear crawl width of parking deck, 20 squats, bear crawl back.
Crab walk width of parking deck, 20 squats, crab walk back.

Bunny hop up to 3rd floor.  (admire the lush, green golf course)
Grab some wall for 10 derkins, which is high enough to set you up at almost 90 degree angle (poor man’s Balls to the Wall)

Down the stairs, out the deck to Field Of Dreams
YHC hands over the reins to Runstopper.  Apparently, Jack Webb is back from vacation.
JW: merkins up to 10, press up to 40. #musclefailure all over the place.
So much better than my planned J. Webb ladder up to 5.

Take it back to the house.  Plank it up halfway by the Resort to regroup. Frehley calls an audible for Peter Parker merkins.

Jailbreak at north east Stonehenge across 521.

COT, Ball O’ Man, Out….

We hit it hard today, good work by all.
Fireman Ed puts in strong performance after later admitting during coffeeteria confessions that he was celebrating summer solstice until 2am.  Reminder that he is single, and has no 2.0s.
As always, honored to lead the Sons of Yankeetyne.

Order your Area51 shirt by Sunday night.
RSVP for Pig Pickin’ (July 13th)  Invite via e-mail from Bugeater
YHC and Honey Bee starting new gear workout (Foxhole) on July 8th at Elon Park. Stay tuned for more.  If you don’t have a KB yet and plan to attend, see e-mail from Tiger Rag w/ Amazon link, tips, video, etc.

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10 years ago

Well now we feel bad for jumping on Runstopper at The Rock for his half a**ness in showing up late. Well done Runstopper. Well done! Now, a different question is where did ‘Yankeetyne’ come from? If I’m not mistaken we are below the Mason Dixon….

10 years ago

Nah you shouldn’t take offense Market Timer! All is good! Is there a definition for Rebeltyne on F3 for good measure? Just asking! If not, it should be added.

10 years ago

YankeeTyne comes from the natural attraction that Ballantyne poses to all #RedPillYankees when they hit the greater #CNC area. 8 miles from Uptown? Only an hour to get in? To a Yank, that’s bliss baby.

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