Running, Short on Gloom

Running, Short on Gloom

As sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti, so 26 pax rose for some solitary company.

  • Run to Unmentionable Grassy Location x .5 mi.
  • A brief COP
  • 10x100s with pain stations between sprints.
  • Hill work and such
  • Pledge of Allegiance
  • Run back x .5 mi.
  • Stop Motion Mary



  • Shortest Gloom of the year.  Very unnatural.  No likey.
  • Gullah–or was it the other guy that I confuse for Gullah?–on time = late.
  • Radar under ruck.  Thinks he’s a tough guy.
  • Turkey Leg–used it all up on the first 6x100s?  Missed you on the last 4.  #coffeeisforclosers  I won’t tell Haggis.
  • Props to the fubol boys on the sprints–Header, Bulldog and Busch.  If it’s one thing they know how to do well it’s run full speed to one end of the pitch, wriggle on the ground a bit, then run to the other side.
  • About 20 yards of stop motion walking lunges seem to be just the right amount to gum up the legs before the sprints.
  • Props to Hee Haw, Red Sea, both making their second F3 appearance.  Don’t listen to the Pollyannas:  it never gets easier.
  • Yoga guy FNG, christened Down Dog in COT.  Went with Exec-Q-tive Privilege (see what I did there?) and renamed to another yoga pose: Up Dog.  Mostly because I want to be able to say, What’s up, dog?  Glad to have you.  Come back.
  • Hoff–he of the 58 jacket size–didn’t get enough of a pump this morning with all the running.  Had to scrub off a round of merkins with Radar’s ruck post-COT to blow up the jiggle twins, then saw him bench pressing his car as I pulled out of the lot.  Sicko.
  • Stop motion = pain.  Good stuff.


  • A51 Dads:  0900 at Beatty softball fields.
  • Sunday 3 pm:  Back at Beatty for some mountain biking.  Pavilion by the lake at 2:45.  No drop?  Depends on how fast you are…
  • If you’ve been coming for more than 6 weeks and haven’t led a workout, quit mooching.  Step up.

That is all.

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11 years ago

Twas good this morning. Hill was brutal.

11 years ago


The Hoff
11 years ago

Brutal is a forgiving term…that was a Nasty routine…as always TR showed us tha t we can all step it up a knotch! Nice job as always Q. However interesting thing…I believe compass hit home and post reflects it :). Guys, compass added another layer to F3 that is changing my life…come if you can. Thank you. See you at Day Zero and F3 Dads tomorrow.

Turkey Leg
Turkey Leg
11 years ago

Sorry about that TR, just trying to show a little respect and let the old Q get out in front for a little while. Looking a little winded back there… come out to Fast Twitch next week and maybe we can get you back up to speed. Good beat-down today! Backwards bear-crawls up hills? #smoked

11 years ago

Great lead TR and its great having you back. Our mornings have not quite been the same without you. Radar survived the ultimate unfriendly ruck workout with flying colors! Hats off pal. Shout out also to War Daddy Snowflake who is a fine specimen of a man in his 50’s. Hoff love the post re 3rd F at compass and taking the fitness and fellowship to next level – jump on in lads and see what it’s all about.

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