Little Bit of Everything

Little Bit of Everything

Not just one, but two shovel flags were planted this morning to inspire the pax.  33 sweaty dudes embraced the muggy conditions as they ventured out into the gloom.


  • Short jog around the parking lot.  Mix in some high knees and butt kicks for good measure.

COP (all in cadence):

  • SSH x 32
  • IW x 32
  • Merkins x 10 (heard some concern that there might be 32 merkins called)
  • Mountain climbers x 20
  • Peter Parkers x 10
  • Parker Peters x 10

Mosey to the end of parking lot and partner up for wall work.  Partner 1 performs called exercise until partner 2 finishes 10 burpees.  Flapjacks.  Plank when done.

  • Round 1 – Wall Plank
  • Round 2 – Balls to Wall
  • Round 3 – Peoples Chair

Jog down to the track and find your partner.  Catch me if you can.  Partner 1 half-speed jog; partner 2 performs called exercise and sprint to catch partner 1.  Flapjacks around the track and plank when you complete each lap.

  • Lap 1 – 10 Squats chaser
  • Lap 2 – 10 Alternating Lunges chaser
  • Lap 3 – 5 Burpees chaser
  • Little bit of plank-o-rama between laps

Little baby jog to the baseball fields in honor of the College World Series (even though my Tar Heels are on life support).

Little Mary (IC):

  • LBC x 20
  • Flutter x 20
  • Dolly x 20
  • LBC x 20

Straight into a push-o-rama (all in cadence):

  • Regular merkins x 10
  • Diamond merkins x 10
  • Wide arm merkins x 10

Mosey over to the rail near the bleachers for circuit training:

  • Supine pull-ups x 15
  • Rail Hops x 15
  • Carolina Dry Docks x 15
  • Rinse and repeat, bumping reps up to 25


  • Early conversation turned to the John Deere tractor parked among all the cars this morning.  Rumor has it that someone saw Bulldog riding down Hwy 51 mowing the grass on the way to DV this morning.
  • Strong work by all this morning, especially ignoring the unsavory humidity.
  • Welcome to FNG Slim Fast.  Good work out there, hope to see you back out soon.
  • Welcome also to Barracuda, who ventured south of his normal Metro workout spots.  Hope you come back and join us again.
  • Several Fast Twitch guys asking before the workout if there would be a lot of running.  YHC knows first-hand that Turkey Leg smoked our legs yesterday (not even counting the ridiculous running double down some did last night), so I built in a bit of a leg recovery workout.


  • HDHH tonight – 6 pm at Vintner Wine Market.
  • F3 Dads continues this Saturday at Colonel Francis Beatty Park 0900-1000.  Bring your sons and daughters!
  • July 13, 5-9 PM – Pig pickin including DJ and kickball/cornhole tourney.  See evite and weekly email for details.  RSVP by 6/30.
  • New Wednesday workout (Anvil) started today at Calvary Church.  New Monday gears workout staring in Ballantyne soon.  There will also be a new Saturday workout in Indian Trail starting in July.

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10 years ago

The new Monday workout coming to Ballantyne is a GEAR workout, not Gears. Kettlebells, not bikes. If they had named it Irritable Bell instead of Foxhole, it would be obvious.

10 years ago

I hate that I missed ‘Cuda’s cameo appearance this morning. Hope you come back!

10 years ago

Enjoyed the new scenery, brothers. Thanks for the EH by Double D’s!

The Hoff
10 years ago

Nice work today Q. The balls to the wall were terrible…well done.

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