Free Bags at The Maul

Free Bags at The Maul

21 pax showed for a hump day visit to The Maul

The Thang

  • Partner up and each team grab a sand bag (35lbs)
  • Mosey to the front of the theatre


  • 27 SSH
  • 20 IW
  • 20 Butt Kicks
  • 10 Squats

Run To Fountain- Bag included

  • Partner 1- 20 Decline Merkins
  • Partner 2- Does Step ups with Sand bag and lift at the top
  • Switch and repeat 3 times

Run Back to side of Theatre- Bag included

  • P-1 Sprint with bag 50 yards or so and back
  • P-2 Burpees until P1 gets back
  • Switch and repeat x 4

Run to Speed Bumps behind HT- Bag Included

  • P-1 Lunge Walk with Bag held over head to next bump- aprox 30 yrds
  • P-2 Bear Crawl to next bump-
  • Switch and continue for 6 speed bumps

Run to side of Target for COP- Bag included


  • P-1- Up Right Rows with Bag until P2 finishes
  • P-2 Diamond Merkins X 20
  • Switch and repeat


  • Everyone at the same time
  • Slow Count Merkins (Q cadence) 10-15
  • Slow Count Prone Pull Ups (Q Cadence)10-15


  • P-1- Walking Merkins over bag until P-2 finishes
  • P-2- 10 Merkin Jack Burpees


  • All pax muscle failure merkins (go to the knees when you cant do anymore regular)

Run Back to Front of Theatre

  • P-1 Squats with alternating sand bag shoulder press until P2 gets back
  • P-2 30yrd sprint and back
  • Switch

Mosey Over to side of the theatre

  • Circle up for Mary
  • LBCs while we count off Pax


Good turn out today. Dora was the only one to do the 1.5 run in. He did not do the run out as I caught him sneaking into a vehicle for a ride back to his. Props for the 1.5 though. YHC got  some dirty looks when he started off with everyone grabbing a bag. They do look somewhat suspect so I understand the confusion and disdain. The Maul is pretty spread out so there is a good deal of ground to cover. It is challenging enough without a 35lb bag. Good teamwork out there and everyone made it. There wasn’t a lot of chatter as the work load was heavy. Time flew by and before you knew it, it was over. The summer humidity brought out the poisons and there wasn’t a dry shirt to go around. Thanks for letting me lead guys

Welcome to FNG Jared B. (Rolling Rock) and FNG- TJ H. (Libby).



  • HDHH Vinter Wine Market
  • New Wend workout at Calvary
  • Bugeater is planning a Pig Picken for some 2nd F





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11 years ago

The speedbumps are not 30 yards apart. They are 300 yards apart.

No shame in my game bumming a ride off Haggis back to my car…after Fast Twitch leg destruction yesterday followed by SOMEONE’S brilliant idea of humping 35 lbs of sand all over the freaking place…Dora’s leg tank was empty.

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