Hanz and Franz, Will Pump You Up.

Hanz and Franz, Will Pump You Up.


17 men gathered at The Matrix for a Monday morning workout that Hanz and Franz (more on this later) dished out. Good workout by all with little chatter from the Pax, except at the beginning. Believe the chatter started with Zip-A-Dee and Lex Luther ganging up on Hanz and Franz
The Thing:
Jog to lower lot for:
Had to quash the chatter, 25 merkins on your own
SSH x20 in cadence
10 Burpess. Thought I heard some chatter here.
IW x20 in cadence
25 CDD on own
LBC x20 in cadence
10 burpees
Russion Twist x20 in cadence
25 wide arm merkins
5 burpees
Jog to field and gather a partner for DORA 1,2,3 which has been renamed “Swiffer von Swiffer” (If this is wrong, joker/Uncle Leo, please correct)
100 CDD: P1 run post to post, P2 CDD until P1 gets back, flap jack untill 100 completed
200 merkins
300 LBC
Jog to playground for circuit/run
10 pull-ups; 20 dips; 20 incline merkins, run to front of school, plank until rest of pax catches up.
Peoples chair 90 sec. Peoples chair 60 sec
Jog back to playground with lunges from corner to corner of school
Rinse and repeat
Peoples chair 90 sec
Jog back to our starting point the long way or a little Mary
Dolly x20 Hold em’
Back scratcher x20 (Zip-A-Dee wanted these real bad)
Just enough time to finish with 5 Burpees courtesy of Joker

Lots of chatter at the beginning about YHC going sleeveless and sporting the guns. Guess when you have them, you should flaunt them. Hanz and Franz will be out in the gloom again. Pax beware.
Prize goes to Uncle Leo for the best bed spread head. Thought he may have slept in his car. Close second goes to Lobster Roll.
Thanks everyone for allowing me to lead you today. If you haven’t lead, step and feel the rush.

New workout Wed, 06/19, The Anvil at Calvary Church. Same place where the The Rock is held.
Check for the evite for the F3Charlotte South Pig Picken 2013.
If you haven’t already, order your South Charlotte, Area 51 shirts.

See you next time in the gloom.

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11 years ago

Lobster Roll doesn’t have enough hair for bed head. Gotta be Zip as the runner up in the bed head category.

If you get matching Hanz and Franz tatoos on your biceps maybe you could adopt that as your new nickname.

I think Salt Lick’s shiny white sneakers are back blast worthy as well. I’m not sure what to say about them, other than they were shiny, white sneakers.

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