Wolf-Man Bares His FANGS

Wolf-Man Bares His FANGS


18 brave souls posted this brisk morning at the Rock, one FNG.  Everyone was abuzz wondering what Wolf-man had in store for his debut Q




1st half – Wolf-man Q:

Run to front parking lot
– Side Straddle Hop x 20 ( in cadence )
– Squats x 20 ( in cadence )
– Staggered Merkins x 10 ( in cadence ) each arm
– LBC’s x 10 ( in cadence )

Run to soccer fields ( far side )

3 sets of running the full length of field:

– 1st Set: High Knees then sprint back: x 20 Merkins ( Stay in position until everyone finishes )
– 2nd Set: Wolfman Shuffle then sprint back x 20 Lunges ( 10 each Leg )
– 3rd Set: Sprint down & Back x 20 Burpees

Split group into 2 lines:

– Do Indian runs back to original launch location: Run Stopper takes over!

2nd half – hand over to Runstopper

Jog to far entrance of the parking lot – Partner up for some catch me if you can: 

  • 3x reps as partner takes off.  chase, tag and pass as partner completes 3x reps and gives chase.  full loop.
  • Round 1: 20x Squats
  • Round 2: 10x Merkins
  • Round 3: 20x Mountain Climbers

Circle up in the middle for the Dirty McDeuce (thanks Fa So La). 

  • 12x: Merkin, Dolley, Mountain Climber
  • 12x: Diamond, Flutter, Rock Hopper
  • 12x: Dry Dock, Russian Twist, Stump Jumper
  • 12x: Wide Arm, Knee Up, Makhtar Ndiaye

Naked Moleskin:  Virgin Q, Wolf-man brought the pain as promised, he was a little nervous but did a great job issuing the pain! Although he was trying to sing some song to help settle his nerves!  can you say, DONT CALL AMERICAN IDOL, BRO! Perhaps it was the Wolf-man Shuffle, or the mile long sprint to the top of the hill, either-way he did a great job!

How about Snake Bite! Dude drew the short straw by selecting me (Runstopper) as his partner for catch me if you can.   He held his own, but the third loop around, he said  as we began, RS you go… and I will see you here at the end!  Solid work, Snakebite!

So Urkel was re-naming today, keep in mind this rarely happens at an F3 workout.  Typically it happens if the guy is wanted by the FBI, Homeland Security or some other Government agency but today it occured because the man was a MONSTER out there!  and left today’s workout as Bloody Sock!   




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