Heavy Dose of Kryptonite

Heavy Dose of Kryptonite

Posted on behalf of Lex Luthor…

 Aye!  The bell tolled and 15 (no wait) 16 strong pax posted for a Lex Luthor-inspired krypotonite workout (not quite as good as the original “dynamite” from Rerun of What’s Happening but a close second if I may say so myself).

The Thang
Partner up and grab a ~30lb bag of sand which is to be shared during the workout. Exact weight was anywhere from around 25 to 35 lbs for each bag.
Little Baby Jog to pond.

– SSH x 20
– Imperial Walker x 20
– Merkins x 20

Station 1
P1 does 5 hills w/sandbag while P2 does Merkins
P1 does 3 hills w/sandbag while P2 does Lunges
20 Dips

Mosey to Station 2
P1 does 3 hills while P2 does Bent over Rows w/sandbag
P1 does 3 hills while P2 does Squats w/sandbag
P1 does 3 hills w/ sandbag while P2 does LBCs
Extra Credit – Bear crawl down hill to pond and back

Mosey to Station 3 (no sandbags needed)
– Dips x 20
– Step Ups x 20
– Decline Merkins x 20

Mosey to field – Partner Up
Partner Carry
Wheel barrel
Duck Walk / Jog Backwards

Mosey to Parking Lot
Hmmm… looks like someone left Olympic weights in the bushes
Hairburners 2x – partner does merkins/LBCs
Inchworm 1x – partner does lunges/mtn climbers

Mosey back to lake
Indian Run around lake (1 lap) with front man carrying a sandbag – kept us all honest when we were in front
Partner Run (rotae sandbag btwn partners) with multiple direction changes and partner changes

6MOM – Mary finally arrived just in time for YHC
100 total reps
LBC x 25
Heels to Heaven x 15
Mason Twists x 30
Bicycle x 30
Extra Credit – Burpees x 20


– The pax obviously don’t watch or read the Superman series as Lex Luthor’s “kryptonite” was unable to stop the heroes of #Stonehenge. Great work by all the pax – never saw anyone break stride.
– Tclaps to Fireman Ed for helping scout the workout last week and for all you who loved the sandbags – that was his suggestion (yikes).
– Welcome to FNG Brady (Gumbo), he was a trooper out there today. As a native Cajun he showed the boys some true grit out there and we eagerly await his next post.
– Hops (oops I mean Hollywood) was quite the comedian out there today, there was some interestingly timed jokes during Mary which will be retold at HDHH.
– Frehley’s Comet posted to the workout from out of nowhere. Conveniently showed up right after the 20 burpees (hmmm, a little suspect) and the next moment he was doing hairburners like a champ. T-claps.
– It was great to see Haggis back at Stonehenge bringing it as always.

Again great work by all, we missed Dolphin out there today and look forward to his wicked workouts in the near future.

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10 years ago

Great Q Lex. The hair burners…..as they often do, brought forth the merlot….spicy, Cajun Gumbo merlot to be exact. Welcome brother. We look forward to seeing you again soon.
Nobody falling in the lake was a bit of a disappointment.
Dolphin-less Stonehenge the last 2 times I’ve posted…Kotters in order when he returns.
And thanks very little to DK for the 20 burpee suggestion at the end. Painful. Loved it!

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