Welcome to the Sweatshop

Welcome to the Sweatshop

Devil’s Turn this morning was seemingly even more humid than before with a bit of extra warmth, makes YHC worry about the months to come, this is a cold weather duck and not made for the heat but off the 4 faithful went at 5:15, 3 for 6 miles and YHC for 5.

Haggis, Turkey Leg and Road Rash (was FNG on Monday, and on his 4th post today, talk about drinking the Kool Aid!, well done!)

We had “only” about 3 main muddy spots that had (good news) a dry hard pack path through them but (bad news) extremely hard to see on the way out when it was still dark.

Haggis and Turkey Leg pushed the pace on the 6 miles (no surprise) with Road Rash catching YHC right at the end (but keeping in mind he had an extra mile under his belt) but then realized that he wasn’t quite done in his own mind so did a .25 mile out and back sprint to finish off, even the Shore would have been impressed.

Ran into a large running group near the end that may have been full of #sadclowns but then who knows, YHC’s O2 supply was running very short (pun intended).


Crab Cake and Musket (Crab Cake 4.0) were at the finish line after having tried to find the non-existent 5:30 group so they ran on their own #motivation and met up at the end for the COT.

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The Shore
The Shore
10 years ago

Nice work boys! I got approval from my physical therapist to go for an easy 3 miles this weekend. I may be closer than I think! Hope to see you all soon.

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