12 Sets of Moe, Larry and Curly; 1 Shemp and 1 Puking War Baby

12 Sets of Moe, Larry and Curly; 1 Shemp and 1 Puking War Baby

37 men posted at Death Valley this morning for an epic non-stop downPAINment.

Warm up: There wasn’t one.

The Thang:

Pax split up into groups of 3.  We  had 37 so there was one group of 4.

-Groups complete merkins while solving a math problem (36×27).  Although this exercise has worked great in the past as it is difficult to do a physical and mental exercise simultaneously, it failed miserably today. See moleskin.

-Run to football field for wheel barrow and track work.  Moe and Larry wheel barrow length of football field while Curly and the lone Shemp run one lap around track.  Curly and lone Shemp then flapjack with either Moe or Larry (who ever is struggling the most).  Keep flapjacking track vs wheel barrow until group has wheel barrowed 200yrds. Plank when group has finished.

-Run to concession stand for circuit work.

-Moe runs down steps to baseball field and starts sets of dips and step ups.  Larry, Curly and lone Shemp run to far end of bus parking lot. Larry starts completeing burpees.  Curly and lone Shemp run to Moe and flapjack.  Moe then runs to Larry and flapjacks.  Larry then runs to Curly and lone Shemp and flapjacks…etc.  Exercises are changed after two sets.   Pax completed A LOT of dips, step ups, burpees, slow squats, CDD’s, merkins, and mountain climbers.

-2 MOM: protractor.


-With so many F3 workouts now it is becoming harder and harder to mix things up and keep the workouts challenging and interesting.  Today’s workout was constant motion for 46 minutes. YHC went a little over after I heard one of the Pax say while completing the final set of mountain climbers “looks like no Mary today”.   Hope the 2 minute protractor was enough!

-Either YHC did not explain the group merkin math problem exercise well or some math wizard needs to practice their listening skills.   As one of the Pax (not sure who) immediately yelled out the correct answer (note to self… next time harder math problem and better explanation of exercise).The idea was for each group of three to complete merkins while at the same time solving a math problem.  Once you think you have the answer one team member comes and quietly tells YHC.  Keep completing merkins until math problem is solved.

-T-claps to Road Rash (War Baby) who blew chow (he’s not old enough to merlot) and still finished strong.  After the workout he even asked for directions to tomorrow’s Hydra workout. Will he go 2 and 0?  Post at Hydra tomorrow and find out.

-Thanks for letting YHC bring a little Fast Twitch and Hydra to Death Valley.  Hopefully today will spark your interest the these Tuesday and Thursday workouts.

-Thanks again to Psycho T for an awesome closing prayer.  You never fail bro!


-New Wednesday workout called Anvil starts next week at Calvary Church (just 3 miles down the road).  Baracus and Young Love are site Q’s.

-Check the website for all the other announcements that I forgot.



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