Four corners and a Farmer

Four corners and a Farmer

23 men including 1 FNG readied themsleves for a Skunkworks downPAINment and to their delight, they were not dissappointed.  No fartsacking here, just a good punishment of pain and fellowship.

Stack em and walk to the church lot for COT

SSH x25 in cadence

IW x25 in cadence

2 handed swing x 25 in cadence; run to church & back

Good mornings x25 in cadence; run to bus & back

R & L shoulder press x10 in cadence; run hill 5 burpees

R &L curls x10 in cadence; Run to trees & back

Goblet squat x 20 in cadence; run hill 5 burpees

LBC with KB x 25; Run hil 5 burpees

Find a partner, farmer chaser. 5 merkins find your partner and switch to upper lot.  Leave your KB at one side of the grass lot, lunge walk to the fence.

Set of cycle with partner:

P1 sprint to KB left arm swing x10; P2 plank; Flapjack and repeat with right arm x10

P1 sprint to KB LBC x 20; P2 LBC flapjack and repeat x2

P1 sprint to KB upright row x20; P2 plank, flapjack and repeat x2

At about this time Mary was calling so mosey to parking lot

Dolly w/KB press x 15

Bicycle x20

Had more on the list but time was not on our side.  All in all a good healthy workout.  Thanks for allowing me to lead.

Remember couple new works outs on the horizon.  Beginning Wednesday, “Anvil” will start.  Workout be held at Calvary Church  at 5:30am.  Baracus and Young Love will be your site Q. Beginning in July, there will be a new workout launching in Indian Trail.  Site name TBD.

If your not getting the weekly email let someone know so we can get you email address.

See you in the gloom.

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