Chutes and Ladders

Chutes and Ladders


17 brave men descended upon the gloom that is Ballantyne Corporate Park to play a sadistic little  children’s game.

The Thang:

Mosey to Wachovia parking lot for COP

SSH X 25

Tripod Merkins Left X 13

Imperial Walkers X 25

Tripod Merkins Right X 13

Mosey to wall next to the Lake of Gloom and Doom.

Chutes and Ladders

1.  Ladder of Burpees and Wall Jumps:  10 Burpees with 1 Wall Jump, 9 Burpees with 2 Wall Jumps, all the way to 1 Burpee with 10 Wall Jumps.  Run a lap around the lake(1/3 mile) and plankorama until everyone finishes.

2.  Ladder of Wall Lunges and Dips.  10 Wall Lunges with 1 Dip.  9 Lunges with 2 Dips….you get the idea…..Lap around the lake and plankorama.

3.  Ladder of Wall Squats and Derkins.  10 Wall Squats with 1 Derkin -> 1 Wall Squat with 10 Derkins.  Lap.  Plank.  Pain.

Indian Run to the Parking Lot for another COP

YHC plagarized Mic Check’s Merkin Shuffle from last week.  The pax moves three shuffles counter clockwise and performs a Merkin.  The pax made it halfway around the circle.

Rosalita X 25

LBC X 25

Protractor for 1 min



YHC thought that the hilly sidewalk resembled a slide.  Hence the chutes and ladders nickname.  Haggis had never heard of Chutes and Ladders before but did used to play Snakes and Ladders.  Hmmmm, interesting, maybe next time….

Mic Check suggested on twitter that we play Candyland sometime soon.  #boardgamebeatdowns?

You can finish your ladder as quickly as you want but Unfair is going to leave you in the dust during the lap around the lake.  #perfectnickname

T-claps to Long Distance who turned the mosey back to the COT into a Jailbreak sprint.  You’ve made some huge strides over the last few weeks, brother!


Come to the Maul tomorrow.  Uncle Leo on Q.

Market Timer and Honeybee will be starting a new gear workout on Mondays at Elon Park Elementary with a tentative start date of July 8th.

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Mic Check
11 years ago

I ran a lap trailing Hoffa and couldn’t pass him. Way to push it brother. Long Distance sprinting to the COT and leaving the rest of the pax behind was awesome to see. Keep it up LD. Strong Q Mighty, we expected nothing less.

Bob Villa
Bob Villa
11 years ago

Let me know when you come up with a Scrabble Day and I’ll do my best to make the journey to post.

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