Just as Uranus has 27 moons, so Kevlar also had 27 pax.  And where I come from, Pluto is still a planet.  #Oldschool

[Posted by Tiger Rag on behalf of Hoff]


  • Mosey to parking lot
  • SSH x 30
  • Imperial Walkers x 25


  • 20 Burpees
  •  Run up hill
  • 30 Diamond Merkins
  • Run down hill
  • 40 LBC’s
  • Run up hill
  • 50 Hindu Squats


  • 20 Mary Catherine’s
  • Lunge walk up hill
  • 30 wide Merkins
  • Run down hill
  • 40 Peter Parkers
  • Lunge walk up hill
  • 50 Monkey Humpers


  • 20 Reverse Lunges
  • Run Backwards up hill
  • 30 Merkins
  • Run down hill
  • 40 Dolly’s
  • Run backwards up hill
  • 50 wide squats 

MOSEY to track for Tires/Cardio

Tire/Cardio Blast

  • Partner 1 grabs tire performs tire bicep curls partner runs 2 runs laps until finished- switch – repeat. 
  • Partner 1  grabs tire hold over head while partner 2 runs 2 laps – switch – repeat
  • Catch me if you can.  Partner 1 (5) burpees while partner 2 runs with tire – switch repeat

Mosey to wall

  • Wall sits – 30 seconds
  • Incline merkins [sic: these were, in fact, decline merkins, Ed.] x 20
  • Lunge walk to parking lot; bear crawl back 
  • Partner up- Partner 1 wall jumps while partner 2 sprints to parking lot and back  – switch repeat
  • Whole group Monkey jumps to parking lot  [Think squat followed by a broad jump]

A few minutes with Mary

  • Circle up for Century LBC (100 LBC’s) 
  • Low flutter x 30
  • Rosalita x 30
  • Merkins x 50


  • The highlight of the day was the return of Graceland.  He was an FNG last week and rumor has it he is committing to Tuesdays and Fridays…head locked another one!  During the bear crawl, the team brought some encouragement as he pulled himself through the mud- nice work Marine. 
  • As always, TR provided ongoing instruction to the new Q and Zip-A-Dee was the voice of F3 keeping us all moving.  [What Hoff means to say is, Zip is a loud son of a gun.  Ed.]
  • [Backcracker went UA 11 by missing his half of the Q?  So asserts our barrel-chested Q, who, after hill work, was totally off his Weinke.  Just making it up like an old pro. Ed.]


  • Go to the pool party.  Bring $10 and some food.  If you are bringing beverages, no glass.
  • A51 Dads at Beatty, 0900 – 1000.



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10 years ago

Nice job Hoff! Heard you brought the pain despite Backcracker leaving you flying solo…

10 years ago

Whew! What a #beatdown this looks like. Good job Hoff. Sorry I missed it

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