Century Hill

Century Hill

The shovel flag was planted and 30 PAX set off into the gloom for their morning downPAINment.

10 burpees to get the blood flowing.

Mosey across the street to the loop without a name.  Partner up (KB size matters):

  • Partner 1 – Farmer carry with 2 KB’s
  • Partner 2 – 10 merkins then run to catch partner 1
  • Flapjacks around entire loop


  • SSH x 30 (mumbling from the crowd that it was too late for SSH)

Partner up again and head to the hill. 

Century Hill:

  • Partner 1 performs KB exercises while partner 2 does hill work
  • Continue to flapjack each time your partner comes down the hill
  • Each team continues until they reach 100 total reps of the KB exercise
    • Round 1 – 2 handed swings; run to top and 10 LBC’s
    • Round 2 – 1 handed alternating swings; run to the top and 10 Freddie Mercury’s (bicycle)
    • Round 3 – Goblet squats; bear crawl the hill and jog down
    • Round 4 – Clean and press; crab walk the hill and jog down
  • Little bit of plank-o-rama between rounds

Circle up for Mary:

  • KB LBC’s x 21
  • Dolly with KB press x 15
  • Russian Twist x 15
  • Flutter with KB press x 15
  • Around the world x 13 each direction

We’re running out of time, so we didn’t get to repeat the loop in reverse with a burpee chaser.  Instead, audible to a short loop around parking lot and back to the shovel flag.  Partner up and KB farmer carries with 5 burpee chaser.  #smoked


  • Great work out there by everyone.  1st F was great and the 2nd F was great as well.  Lots of encouragement and #mummblechatter
  • Too bad we ran out of time, I had a few other things planned.  I’ll save them for next time.
  • Pax was quick to jump on Header and Funky Bunch for wearing matching shirts and looking like twins.  #Awwww


  • Check out this WCNC news piece about F3 which aired this morning:  www.wcnc.com/charlotte-today/F3-workout-210088791.html  #goodstuff
  • HDHH Wednesday – 6 pm at Vintner Wine Market.
  • F3 Dads continues this Saturday, June 8, at Colonel Francis Beatty Park 0900-1000.  Bring your sons and daughters!
  • RSVP for pool party.  June 8, 6-9 PM at Candlewyck pool.  See weekly email for details.  #nospeedosallowed

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10 years ago

COACH!!!! Dude, that was some serious Downpainment this a.m. with Century Hill and I reluctantly say I was happy to be a part of it!!!! Your creativity these past 2 weeks has been off the charts — what’s next????


10 years ago

Painful. Loved it. However, I think stagecoach is in a midlife crisis and is bringing the pain typically a 20 something would bring. #40isthenew25

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