Bells Toll for the Rock

Bells Toll for the Rock

As Mall Cop mentioned in the last Rock backblast, he and YHC will be starting an informal group prior to the Rock workout on Saturday, meet at 0615 near the basketball goals (off to the side of where the main parking area is), start at 0620, finish at 0650 in time to 2nd F prior to the Rock.  Focus will be kettle bells and eventually rope of death or war rope or something like that, it felt like the rope of death the one time I did it though so I’m going to call it that.

Bring kettlebells/dumbbells and extra enthusiasm, YHC underestimated how hard it was to do the regular workout after this but the burn felt great later.

Sort of a one and a half down opportunity (not a true double down but still worth a mention).

See you out there.

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10 years ago

Good call–only one KB session a week isn’t enough. The 2″ battle rope will be in tow when I can post.

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