We don’t need no water, let the … burn!

We don’t need no water, let the … burn!

As the sun came up over the heart of Yankeetyne, the VSF was planted firmly and 14 men leapt into the disappearing gloom for a good old fashioned beat down. YHC has been watching a bit too much Chicago Fire recently so the workout had a hint of firefighter training and based on the comments in the COT, I think everyone felt a good deep burn.

Here’s The Thang:

Go to Stonehenge 1 for COP Lunge-o-Rama

– Forward Lunge w/ twist x 20

– Side Lunge x 20

– Back Lunge x 20

– Prisoner Squats x 25

Go to Stonehenge 2 for COP

– SSH x 30

– Perfect Burpees on the 4 count (Purpees?) x 10

– Merkin Jacks x 10

Run to parking deck… wait a second, where are we going?

In an effort to confuse the PAX, instead of heading to the normal parking deck, we headed up past the movie theater to Ballantyne Village parking deck. Some mumble chatter noted.

Ran up far stairwell to top of deck – Partnered up

Set 1 (flap jack when complete):

– Partner 1: Burpee broad jump until partner returns

– Partner 2: All the way down stairwell and back (5 floors – 10 flights)

Set 2 (flap jack when complete):

– Partner 1: Bear Crawl until partner returns

– Partner 2: All the way down stairwell and back (5 floors – 10 flights)

Set 3 (flap jack when complete):

– Partner 1: Crab walk until partner returns

– Partner 2: All the way down stairwell and back (5 floors – 10 flights)

Plan was to mosey down ramps to bottom, however, the PAX were eager this morning and changed that to an all-out sprint (Nice job – Tiger Rag, Stage Coach, Haggis, Hops, Ice 9, among others who brought their smoke boots this morning)

On the way down to the bottom deck, the PAX specified Mary on each floor on the way down

– Landing 1: Tiger Rag called slow dolly x 20

– Landing 2: Fireman Ed called People’s Chair w/ shoulder presses (wait a second… that’s not Mary)

– Landing 3: Snowflake or Crocket (sorry I forgot, please correct in comments) called Diamond Merkins x 10 (also not Mary)

– After a minor mutiny, we were back on track with Mary for Landing 4…

– Landing 4: Haggis called heals to heaven x 30 (that one left a mark… literally)

– Landing 5: Honey Bee called LBC x 30

– Landing 6: Skip it – abs smoked – proceed to bottom floor

Arrive at basement wall

– Balls to the Wall walk left x 10 yds

– Glute bridge march x 30

– Balls to the Wall walk right x 10 yds

– Superman Planks x 20

– Balls to the Wall Getups w/ Verkin (if feeling spunky) x 5

– Mission Impossible x 25

Go to Hill Out of Hell (PAX surprised that such a perfect sprint hill located so conveniently to a parking deck – thanks Ballantyne)

– Squat jumps x 10 at bottom and each time down

– Up and down hill 2.5 times ending at top

Little baby jog ½ mile to Loch Ness

– Stop for karaoke left / right and back pedal

Go into wooded area with pull up bars

Round 1: Partner up – size matters:

– 10 regular or 15 supine pull-ups (both partners)

– Partner carry up hill to picnic tables (harder than it looks on paper)

– Dips x 30 (both partners)

– Partner drag through grass back to woods

Round 2: Rinse and repeat with other partner carry

For Haggis (who was upset we didn’t get to sprint up the parking deck), sprint down field and back.

Head back to Vine for COT

– Jail break to John J. Delaney if the PAX still had gas in the tank (YHC personally did not and it was a Mosey back)

– Cool down mosey to Vine

The Moleskin:

From the start, the mumble chatter began. YHC had done a superb job of taping the fingers of the gloves since they were getting holes in them. However, YHC chose day glow orange duct tape for the job and instantly was dubbed “spirit fingers.” The tape got the job done though and the gloves were useful in the street crossings – cars really respond well to them for some reason.

There were quite a few smoke boots in the crowd today in the parking deck sprints and at the end back to the COT. Very inspiring after that beat down.

The stairwell sprints were dank, musty, and hot! I heard a few murmurings of the potential for recycled merlot but did not see any. Good job holding it together men!

Once again, thanks for letting YHC take the lead today while Dolphin was out of town. It is an honor to work out alongside such a good group of men. See you in the gloom next week. Aye!




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10 years ago

Outstanding beat down Honey Bee. There will be a decided hitch in my giddyup tomorrow. Snowflake called for my kryptonite = diamond merkins. Had not posted since the launch of Stonehenge. I’ll definitely be back soon!

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