No, not that again!

No, not that again!

24 men jumped out of the fartsack for lots of running and miscellaneous fun.

The Thang
COP- SSH, IW, Slow Squats, Peter Parker, Parker Peters

Mosey to Ring Road entrance
Catch Me If You Can 1: Partner 1 runs, Partner 2- 5 burpees then catches Partner 1. Flapjack – one LONG lap of the Ring Road

She Hate Me 1 – Merkins x 15, Squats x 20, LBC x 20 for 6 minutes

Catch Me If You Can 2: Find a new partner. Same as above but with Merkins x 10

She Hate Me 2 – Merkins x 10, Skater Lunges x 20, Dolly x 20 for 5 mins

Shortened Jacobs Ladder. Run up hill do 5 burps, back down for 1 squat; up for 4 burpees, etc



Not much #Mumblechatter amongst the Pax particularly during each round of She Hate Me.
Welcome, Graceland, to F3. There was much debate over this Brother’s name since he hails from the King’s town of Tupelo. Finally settled on Graceland. Look forward to seeing you back out in the Gloom.
The idea to change partners for Round 2 of Catch Me If You Can came from Tiger Rag. YHC thought he was suggesting that as a way to build a little 2nd F into the workout – by getting to know another member of the Pax. It turned out, however, TR suggested just so he could partner up with Bulldog for Round 2. #ManCrush
Speaking of Bulldog, he was driving his wife’s car sporting (this is no lie) her license plate that says: ILUVABRIT
Bulldog, if that plate ever goes missing, you might want to check the back of TR’s SUV. I’m just sayin’

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