Preblast: GORUCK #GoodLivin Training

Preblast: GORUCK #GoodLivin Training

Men of GORUCK:

Cadre Durango will be leading team training tomorrow morning:

“0445 on Friday. Be ready for some #shortshortsandactionsports. Rucks should be fully loaded and prepare to get wet.”

All are welcome: 6/21 GRC Wilmington, 7/6 Light, 8/2 GRC F3 Custom, and anyone else who thinks they can hang.

We launch from gravel lot directly across from the entrance to Freedom off East Blvd. Rucks up at 0445, COT by 0630. Coupons have been collected and stashed so be prepared.

Don’t have a ruck yet? NO EXCUSE. Throw some bricks in your 2.0’s Hello Kitty Jansport and get at it.

Don’t have any bricks? Seriously, where have you been.

Bring towels because we will get wet (don’t carry them in your ruck). This will be a good opportunity to test your gear when it gets wet (socks, shoes, trousers, etc).

Also bring:
– Ruck, fully loaded (or half loaded if your M needs to borrow it after)
– Gloves
– Headlamp (if you have it)
– Cover (hat)
– Water
– Solid shoes (think cushion, not minimalist)
– Your Mental “A-Game”

Here are a couple good posts on the website that will help you prepare, both mentally and physically.

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10 years ago

This will suck, embrace it.

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