Chutes and Ladder – Forget the Chutes

Chutes and Ladder – Forget the Chutes

VSF planted and we launched @ 5:30am with a ready PAX posting up after a Holiday Weekend.  Impressive.

The Thang:

Short jog through the turn-a-round to the lot near Duckworths for a brief warm-up in cadence (or as close as Puppy Luv could get on his first at bat – need some serious practice on the 1/2/3 thing):

Imperial Walkers X 27

Shoe Stretches X 22

Merkins X 18

Jumping Squats X 18

Gentle jog toward the Field of the Bulls with a lunge walk at the halfway mark.

Chutes & Ladders at the Field – -minus the Chutes:

Jack Web ladder

LBC/Burpee ladder

Flutter/Dolly ladder

Quick jog over to the BAE lot for a Two Team suicide stopover: ½ lot first round, then full lot to finish

Curb Hops X 25 in your own time

Next stop on the tour:  Hill of Pain

Hill Work:

Hill/Burpee ladder up to 11 – -check that, up to 7 once my Q-Mentor Haggis asked after 3 rounds if “11 was Enough”.  Your Q needs to tighten up on his ask of the PAX, especially since he is in there panting with you all.

Plank Up at the finish with an audible from Mic Check to go right-up, left-up.  Appreciate the add Brother.

Time check from Haggis with a shout out of “11 minutes to go” – don’t blame him for having serious doubts about how this deal was going to close up.

Gather our group for visit to Bunny Hop the stairs up/down.

Fast pace Indian Run back to BaseCamp with a quick visit to Rosalita for 17X on the way

Land on the deck with 1 minute to spare – Merkins on your own until all the Men are back together.


– Roll Call – Welcome our FNG “The Donald”.

– Great first lead from Puppy Love.  Keeping the PAX on their toes with a mix of different exercises and interesting counting techniques.

– Nice to see more of the PAX stepping up for Q duty including Fireman Ed coming up at the Rock!  Awesome!!!

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