By The Book

By The Book

17 beasts emerged from the dampened Gloom ready to kick Monday in the teeth and stood steady for another massive dose of…


1/3 mile mosey down to the far parking lot and back up to the top parking lot for…


  • x26 SSH
  • x16 IW
  • x16 Slow Merkins
  • x16 Squats
  • x16 CCD

Mosey over to Little Baby Track for…

Partner Track Work
Pax 1: 1 lap moderate pace. Pax 2: AMRAP legs exercise. Flapjack when Pax 1 completes lap.

  • Lap 1: Peter Parkers
  • Lap 2: Squats
  • Plank (Zipadee lead)
  • Lap 3: Mountain Climbers
  • Lap 4: Jump Squats
  • Plank

Move to front of school and break into 4 groups for…

Circuit Work
4 groups, 4 exercises, 3 times around the circuit

  • 40 yd* Wall Walk (*up to)
  • 15 Tuck Jumps
  • 40 yd Lunge Walk
  • 15 Plank Jacks (add merkin for extra credit)
  • Plank

Circle up for…


  • x16 LBC
  • x10 HTH (courtesy Countertop)
  • x16 Dolly (courtesy Zipadee)
  • x?? Rosalita (counted in Spanish…I don’t speak Spanish, so I have no clue how many we did)

Mosey to Little Baby Playground for…

  • 7s: Dips and Derkins, slow with good form
  • x10 Makhtar N’Diaye
  • x15 Burpees



This was a no-frills, by-the-book F3 bootcamp workout. K.I.S.S. and you will still get smoked pax. Lots of exercise inspiration from Mic Check, Escargot and Snowflake though — wall walks, curcuits and using the blacktop wisely.

It was a soggy one, but misery for misery’s sake is reserved for GORUCK Challenges, so we kept to the blacktops instead of the slop fields, and many M’s did rejoice on this day.

Fraggle had a surprise ruck workout last Wednesday at The Maul — that must explain his new-found speed on the track this morning. I spied Lobster Roll across the lot executing perfect-form Merkin Jacks. Tiger Rag would be so proud. I didn’t see everyone’s work on the set of 7s, but I saw lots more pax executing slow, controlled movements and excellent form.

Welcome to today’s FNG R. Burnett, now known forevermore as “Captain Planet.” Strong work, brother, and we hope to see you out again soon.

According to Sprague’s Buck Rogers Wrist Transponder we covered 1.3 miles. Not bad.

Side note to Young Love: the call phrase is “Sun’s out, guns out.” I didn’t see any sun this morning.


When I say “GO!” you say “RUCK!” But only for another day. The deadline for hard committing to being awesome is tomorrow. Stop thinking. Start doing.

USMC Mud Run signup deadline is this week as well. The Superbowl of F3. Get on board.

Triple Down Memorial Day with Wounded Heroes at the Patriot Festival Go The Extra Mile 5K. Register by 5/26. (Choose “F3 Registration/Sponsorship.”)

Fast Twitch new Running/Bootcamp workout begins tomorrow at 0515 (not 0530) at S.CLT Middle School (Death Valley location). Sprague is your Q. Get faster.

New Saturday workout at McAlpine Elementary begins this Saturday, 5/25. We need 20 men to HC and make this their new happy place.

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