Fast Twitch: A New South Charlotte Workout Launching Tuesday (5/21)

Fast Twitch: A New South Charlotte Workout Launching Tuesday (5/21)

Yes, it is early to be pre-blasting for a Tuesday morning workout, but here goes…

Fast Twitch will launch on Tuesday morning at 5:15 (yes, 5:15) from South Charlotte Middle School.  Bring your head lamp and your smoke boots.

Rumors are swirling about what exactly Fast Twitch will be like.  You’ll just have to be there to really know, but think of it as a bootcamp workout, but one that incorporates generous helpings of running.

This week we will stay on campus at SCMS.  Plenty to work with there.  However, future episodes will include exploration of surrounding terrain.  You’ve been warned, although in all cases we will employ no-drop tactics to keep the pax challenged but together regardless of fitness level.

Sprague and Turkey Leg are your site QIC’s.  Sprague has the lead this week, and we’ll be looking for others to step in and lead workouts as we go.

Starting gun at 5:15, and we’ll go until 6:00.

See you in the gloom!


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