A Purple Haze descends on The Rock

A Purple Haze descends on The Rock

2 shovel flags were planted as a purple-tinged gloom beset The Rock; and 5 dozen pax fought through the haze and emerged victorious and in need of hydration and ibuprofen.

The Thang:

Purple Haze Q:

Run to front parking lot on 51 for COP

SSHs x 50

Merkins x 25

Squats x 25

IWs x 25

Run to soccerfield for more pain

She Hate Me – Part 1 – 5 minutes

Lunges x 20, civilian count (10 each leg)

LBCs x 20, civilian count

Skater Jumps x 20, civilian count

She Hate Me – Part 2 – 5 minutes

Groiners x 10, civilian count

Jump Squats x 10, civilian count

Exploding Merkins x 10, civilian count

Elbow plank

Jog to Pavilion

1/2 the pax – People’s Chair for 2ish minutes

1/2 the pax – Flutter


Hops Q:

Jog to parking lot

Form 4 lines for Indian Run to North Face

Jog to bottom of North Face foothills


Run to top of hills – 6 Burpees

Run to bottom of hills – 1 Turkish Get-up

Run to top of hills – 5 Burpees

Run to bottom of hills – 2 Turkish Get-ups

Etc., Etc., Etc.

Jog to bottom of North Face

Form 3 Rows

1st row scales North Face while other 2 rows do Squats

10 merkins at the summit of North Face

2nd row scales North Face while other 2 rows do squats

10 merkins at summit of North Face

3rd row scales North Face while other 2 rows do squats

10 merkins at summit of North Face

Mosey to field in front of the church

3 Rows

Sprint 50 yards

Sprint 50 yards

Backwards run of 50 yards

High-knee run of 50 yards

7 1/2 MoM

Dolly x 13

Freddy Mercury x 13

CCVs x 13 or 15 on left side- not sure which


CCVs x 13 on right side

Protractor – 3 minutes

Nipplers x 10

Jog back to parking lot for COT


Purple Haze, in his 1st effort at Q, was dazed for a moment when 59 other men circled around him; but T-claps as he led the pax well in his debut.  Starting with 50 SSHs and 25 merkins produced some mumblechatter…that means you came to deliver some pain; and that’s why the men get up early and post!

She Hate Me – always a crowd pleaser and O2 depriver – did not disappoint.  The skater jumps and groiners got some mumblechatter going for sure.

Lots of 2.0’s and 7 FNGs turned out with the pax – that was great to see.

YHC was glad to introduce many to North Face for the first time.  Need to visit more often methinks.

60 pax is great – a record turnout at The Rock, in fact.  That being said – we clearly need another Saturday Area 51 workout or two; so stay tuned for announcements.  Speaking of announcements:

*  Rookie Day at Base Camp Monday May 20th – South CLT Middle – 0530 – Strange Brew is your Q

* New Tuesday workout – Fast Twitch – Tuesday, May 21st at South CLT Middle – 0530 – Turkey Leg and Sprague are your hosts

* New Monday workout – DMZ – to launch on Monday, June 3rd at Carmel Middle – 0530

Lots of signups going on: Patriots Festival/5k, Fall Mud Run, BRR – check www.f3nation.com for details.

* #2ndF Family event: Saturday, June 8th at Candlewyck pool – more details to come from Bugeater

* F3 Dads – Saturdays in June – 0900 at Francis Beatty Park – more details to come from Header

Excited to see all the growth and interest in the Southlands, aka Area51.  Keep EH’ing your friends and neighbors men.  With Hydra, Fast Twitch, DMZ, and another Saturday workout or two – we’re north of 15 workouts compared to just 3 this time last year.  Aye!

See you soon in the gloom fellas.


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Mall Cop
Mall Cop
11 years ago

Mall Cop is your missing pax Hops. Wow, I even gave you our shovel flag yesterday to plant since my Co-Site Q (YOU) would have it to plant! And what, you repay me by leaving me off the pax list, that just hurts. Just kidding, good job today with the 7s on the hills and the sprints.

But a great job by my man Purple Haze on his first Q with a warmup that was tuff leading into 2 rounds of She-Hate-Me! Way to bring it brother!

Strange Brew
Strange Brew
11 years ago

Great Q Purple Haze and Hops, great downPAINment to start the weekend! Good 2nd F at Starbucks too.

Big League Chew
11 years ago

Great job Qing guys. The pain reminded me how stupid it would be to sign up for GoRuck…so I did.What was I thinking? New wo in Sat.? One of them should include #skunkinabag. I need more time swinging!

11 years ago

Great job today Purple Haze! I look forward to you leading some more.
Hops, as always, you never disappoint with bringing the pain. My legs have been tired all day!

11 years ago

correction on the Fast Twitch announcement…. go time is 5:15, not 5:30.

11 years ago

You know the PAX is big when it’s one of the co-site Qs that gets omitted from the back blast! 61 men… outrageous!

Reply to  Joker
11 years ago

Plans already being put in place for one or two new workouts. Stay tuned!!

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