Hill Mary, Full of Pain

Hill Mary, Full of Pain

The VSF was planted, and 15 men decided hitting the snooze button is no way to live.  Nice, cool  morning made the plaid & pleats of the #virtualkilt proper dressage. Enough weather talk, lets get to that thang:

Warm-a-rama (in cadence)
SSH x 25
Squat x 20
Merkins x 15
Mountain climbers x 25

Mosey to Loch Ness, admire the postcard like foggyness hovering above the water.
Ledge #1
15 dips in cadence, 15 jump-ups
Mosey to Ledge #2
10 dips in cadence, 10 jump-ups

To the grassy field of Loch Ness
Jack Webb ladder
1 merkin, 4 press…up to 5 merkin, 20 press
Back down 4, 3, etc etc merkin, 16, 12, etc etc press

Partner up
Set 1: 30 alternating high knees, flapjack.
Set 2: 15 knee-ups, flapjack.

Head to the wooden bridge, lunge walk across, jog to grassy knoll.

Hill Mary, full of pain
Set 1: partner #1 up hill, burpee, back down, repeato. Partner #2 does non-stop flutter until partner returns.  Flapjack.
Set 2: partner #1 up hill, 2 burpees, back down, repeato. Partner #2, non-stop dolly. Flapjack.
Frehley’s Comet mumbles something about merkins, so we call an audible for 5 merkins.
Set 3: partner #1 up hill, 3 burpees, back down, repeato. Partner #2, non-stop in&outs. Flapjack.

Back across street to parking lot for drills:
High knees to half way point, drop for 20 mountain climbers, high knees to end.
A$$ kickers to half way point, drop for 20 mountain climbers, a$$ kickers to end.
Sprint to half way point, 10 merkins, sprint to end.
Sprint to half way point, 20 LBCs, sprint to end.

Back over bridge, lunge walk across, head to grassy field for Loch Ness partner relay:
Partner #1 runs half lap to ledge on other side, 10 jump-ups, completes other half of lap.
Partner #2 does 10 squats, 10 merkins on repeat until partner returns.  Flapjack.

Collect the group, planks with alternating hand up/leg up.  Alternating heel up. 
10 more merkins for good measure.

Jog back for COT
Stop @ street for traffic full of #sadclowns and early rising spreadsheeters.
Jail break last 50 yds


Great work by all today.  In its 3rd week, F3Bagpipe has a strong, consistent group.
Nice to see last week’s FNGs (Chipotle & Long Distance) return for more downpainment.
Fast tempo today, we packed a lot into 45 mins.
Welcome Bird Hole, joining Area51 from metro.  Like he said, just have to wake up 5 minutes earlier to join South Charlotte workouts.  Thats what we like to hear. #earlyandoften
Happy birthday as well (tomorrow) to Bird Hole, who was practicing his new age today at COT.
Thoughts go out to our fearless leader, Haggis, who was feeling a bit under the weather.  Get well soon.

Thats a wrap.

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Mic Check
Mic Check
10 years ago

MT had us moving along today to all kinds of different spots and exercises. Nice work MT, I liked the variety and pace. Another strong showing from Mighty Mite who was killing the hill work. My partner Fish Taco carried our team throughout. Double shout out to Long Distance and Chipotle. Keep showing up brothers, you guys are doing great.

Bird Hole
Bird Hole
10 years ago

Glad I got up the 5 minutes early to join your pax…..you are right: South workouts are closer to Southparkians than most think. Thanks for letting me join y’all on the WarDaddy On Tour I decided to embark on this spring and summer. Lots of new pain terrain and lots of great new pax to meet.

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