Invasion from Metro

Invasion from Metro

6 Pax took on #F3devilsturn this morning from  the Old Bell entrance of McAlpine Greenway.

The Thang:

  • 5 Pax took on the 6 mile challenge. 1 Pax took on the 4 mile challenge.
  • With no Q in sight, there was a total total disregard for any interval preblast. Just run it.


  • 4 FNGs to DevilsTurn posted from Governor’s Square. If not for them, there would have been a very lonely morning for both groups. As it was, Swiss Miss was all alone on the 4 mile trip.
  • Great conversation on the route (no intervals).
  • Faster finish over the second half.  Last 1/2 mile was an attempt to catch Swiss Miss…YHC missed by 5 yards.
  • At some point, the plan is to move to 4 mile Creek / McMullen Creek greenway near Trader Joes at Rea rd due to coming construction at McAlpine. We will miss the soft gravel, but gladly still have zero traffic and a mix of boardwalk and asphalt (still no concrete).

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The Shore
11 years ago

Nice work this morning fellas. And thanks Bratwurst for taking on the Backblast. Changes will be coming to the Devil’s Turn as we will move to the greenway entrance off Rea Road at the Trader Joes (just south of 51) the week of Memorial Day. That’s May 30th. So if you like this site, you’ve got 2 more Thursdays to enjoy the gravel. 2 years from now it will all be gone.
Likewise, I’ll be looking for pax to take up the Backblast writing duties each Thursday. Depending on what the Orthopedist tells me this week, I may not be around for a while, but either way, I’ll give voice to the people and let the pax speak up. Email me at if you know you’ll be there a given Thursday and I’ll sign you up to post you point of view. Thanks.

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