Market Hijack

Market Hijack

14 risk takers took on the Market, and lost.

The Thang:

Market Timer on Q:

Warm-up:SSH x 25, Squat x 20, Merkins x 15, Mountain climbers x 25

Mosey to Lake & grab some wall: dips x 15, decline merkins x 15, dips x 10, decline merkins x 10

Partner up: Partner 1 runs lap around lake, Partner 2 does 15 jump-up, 15 squat, 15 LBCs

flapjack and repeat-o

Mosey to other side of lake:

Partner leg toss, 10 middle, 10 right, 10 left. With partner, alternating high knees x 20, flapjack, with partner, knee-ups x 20, flapjack

Head over to bridge, lunge walk across

Mosey through parking lot, bear crawl up hill.

Head to 521 bridge for peoples chair:, hold for 30 seconds, then tiger press x 20

Mosey over to Aloft Hill for 6’s: Uphill for burpee x 1, downhill for squat x 5, Uphill for burpee x 2, downhill for squat x 4 etc, etc

Pass to Haggis

Mosey up to soccer field

Mary at field: 25 x flutter, Rosalita, Dolly, Protractor, Heels to Heaven

Sprints at field: start with abs, then sprint length of field: 10 heels to heaven, sprint! 10 crunches, sprint! 10 kayaking, sprint! 10 sit ups, sprint! etc a few more times.

Sprints at field: start with Merkins, then sprint length of field: 10 merkins, sprint! 10 merkins, sprint!

2x sprint to end and back.

Mosey back to start with a little plank work at lake on return.

The Moleskin:

  • Very strong lead from Market Timer for his first Q: excellent job.
  • Ridiculous runs around lake from Bratwurst.  Tiger Rag and Haggis both tried to keep up; both failed.
  • Tiger Rag got revenge by beating Tadpole at sprints – enjoy it while you can.
  • Haggis got revenge from the look on Bratwurst’s face during Mary.
  • Freeleys Comet was a little loud during Merkins.  Fortunately it was windy.
  • Great effort by all!


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11 years ago

Haggis must have #Smoked the pax because Curd was the only one to show up at #TheRock for a #DoubleDown.

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Reply to  Skywalker
11 years ago


11 years ago

could be a rename candidate

Strange Brew
11 years ago

I think Abacus and I were DD faithfuls as well but then who’s counting… Great workout, great first time Q, can’t wait to see more of the #MarketTImer

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