A new rock on the block

A new rock on the block

10 faithful PAX showed for a Saturday morning pain session.  One 2.0 and two FNG’s made for some good representation at Area 51. We found a new rock to climb over and want the ROCK to know we got game too.


The Thang:

Joker Part 1

Lap around the campus, circle up on soccer field

SSH x 20

IW x 20

Squat x 20

Merkin x 12

Star fish circuit, five light poles with drills, back to main light pole each time.

Merkins, x 20, squats x 20, LBC x 20, Mountain Climber x 20, Berpies x 10

Mosey to playground for a circuit

pullups x 10

dips x 30

squats x FIFTY!!!!

repeat 3 times, decreasing the number of squats to 40 then 30 (Thanks Joker!)

Mosey to soccer field for 800 meter run.

Circle up

LBC x 20

Dolly x 20

Far Side Part 2

Mosey to rock pile

Mason twist with rock x 12

Stager arm rock merkinis x 6, switch arms

diamond rock merkins x 6

rock relay with groups:

One person runs 50 yds with rock and back while their group does squats, rock climbers, merkins

repeat with berpies, LBC, merkins

dump rocks mosey to track


at track, run two laps, stopping at each corner to circle up for drills:

merkins, squats, rock climbers, CDD, LBC, IW, wide arm squats, diamond merkins x 6 each

peoples chair

decline merkin x 10

peoples chair

mosey for some mary

rosalita x 10

dolly x 10

flutter x 10

bicycle x 10

Great work by all.  Welcome Fish Taco and Bam Bam.  Joker is officially back to peak form crushing the PAX in the 800 meter.  Dennis The Menace at 10 yrs old hung with the pack the whole workout, well done.  Welcome back Turkey Leg from injury, looks like you havent skipped a beat.  Lobster Roll wore shorts for the first time in F3 history because his wife didnt wash his pants, sorry man, break em out next week.  Found the ROCK’s baby brother near the track and the PAX made good work hurdling it.  Speaking of the track: Donkey Kong should know that we have weeds growing in the cracks of our track and the paint is faded but we loved every minute of it.  #A51dirtytrack4life.  Glad to share the morning with some good men.

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11 years ago

Turkey Leg claimed to be at 80 percent strength today, but then he commenced to bolt around the field… #Sandbagger.

Rumor has it that Ocho Cinco was MIA today due to a mud run-related infection (that is what happens when you swim in manure).

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