Who could forget Sacagawea? Nice Try

Who could forget Sacagawea? Nice Try

17 pax stepped into the gloom at the Centurion for their Friday morning beat down.

The Thang:

Head to the unofficial “warm up lot”.

SSHs x 30

Merkins x 20

Squats x 20

Imperial Walkers x 25

Line up for a lunge walk Indian run (not a good time at all).

Jog to the front picnic tables.

Partner up for upside down flutter kicks x 20

Flap Jack 2 times

Jog to the back parking lot.

Partner 1 lap around the lot, partner 2 (20 LBCs/20 Merkins/10 Burpees)

Rinse and repeat 3 times.

Head to the back door for everyone’s favorite circuit! Mumble Chatter Groan…

Wall Walk/Bear Crawl up Ramp/10 Donkey Kicks/ Lunge Walk to the stairs (3 laps).

How does so much pain fit into one line of text?

Jog to the back of the lot for some Mary.

Flutter Kicks x 25 HOLD.

Rosalita x25

Bicycle x25

LBCs x20

Head in for COT.


Mole Skin:

–          Welcome to the Centurion Chelms! (Fresh out of Q school)

–          Great numbers again today gentlemen, five straight weeks with at least one FNG

–          Nice try Sacagawea, not sure who could forget that one after only a week.  If that trick actually worked “Escargot” would be a distant memory.

–          F3 is collecting books for Billingsville Elementary.  Go through your kid’s books and rotate some out that they no longer read.  If you are able, post on Wednesdays for tutoring at 4:30, they need our help.

–          Welcome “Chop Saw”, that name was a gift.  Consider yourself fortunate.

–          Back Draft welcome to the Centurion, thanks for binging Chop Saw out.

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Strange Brew
10 years ago

The pain may fit on a short line in the text but the memory will live for a long time, well done this morning, enjoyed the gloom with the pax. Great lead, creative which is fun.

Senator Tressel
Senator Tressel
10 years ago

Wow! That wall walk/bear crawl/ donkey kick circuit kicked my butt. I’ve been to Centurion twice and you guys have given me some good ideas for challenging the Fort Mill crew. Thanks for the great workout!

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