Merkin Circle

Merkin Circle

32 (nearly 33) fine men showed up to enjoy some Kevlar pain on a perfect morning. Had new guy Della (Tyler Andrus) bothered to get out of his muscle car the count would have been one more having showed up slightly earlier than our usual LIFO (last in first out) Matlock.


Jog out of parking lot and back around to pick up Backcracker who showed up late. Dilly dally around waiting for Della only to go to our favorite stomping ground for the warm up.

SSH x 25
IW x 20
Squats x 15
10 burpees
Merkins x 15
Della drives by but does not stop despite hooting and hollering.
9 burpees
Wide arm merkins x 12
8 burpees
Stagger arm merkins x 10
7 jump squats
Military merkins x 10
6 burpees
Diamond merkins x 8
5 burpees
Windshield wiper merkins (clap optional) x whatever
4 burpees
Chest fly merkins x 8
3 burpees
One armed push ups x 3
2 burpees
Clockwise merkins x 10
1 dozen burpees

Mosey to school for pain stations
1) Tri dips
2) Two legged jump ups
3) 10 turkish get ups

To Hill for 5 ladders – 10 split jumps/10 divebombers/hill/10 merkins

Mosey to lot and sprint to flagpole


Bananas call for dollys no flutter kicks no dollys x 20
Snowflake call for protractor x 12 minutes
Backcracker call for mason twists x 25



Slightly delayed start this morning as we waited around for some fartsackers but we got into the workout pretty quickly. Great to see PBQB bring out some FNG Arkansas Razorbacks in Larry Watkins and Parker Watkins named Souey and Chop Suey respectively. In true Tiger Rag fashion we spent the first 15 minutes just standing in a circle doing a few chest exercises with some burpees sprinkled in accordingly. Fellas should be feeling that one a little and we even graduated up to one armed push ups at the end. We got through that one with a few mention of disclaimers and everyones teeth still in tact! Some mumble chatter arose at the announcements of a few new exercises with clockwise merkins and windshield wipers specifically. Pain stations saw Brown really step it up after all the smack talking of his lazy a** attitude from Bananas and he was knocking out turkish get ups like crazy. The hills were tough today with combos of legs, chest, and cardio with Far Side, Busch, and PBQB with strong showings. Q decided to call out a few guys on the Mary’s and Bananas went with the dolly call only to start doing the flutter. Can’t wait for his first big Q with the promise of “slerkins” (sloppy merkins) which may dissappoint our form guru. Moving onto Snowflake who took the lead with an endless protractor call and apparently our War Daddy dictated the ab workout while being attacked by fireants #toughasnails.
Great work by all.

Thanks for coming and remember next week we will be shooting off to Chic Fil A after the workout to study the book “True Measure of a Man” by RE Simmons from 6:30-7:15am. Email me at if you want me to shoot you the first two chapters.

Saturday workouts as scheduled.

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10 years ago

Sounds brutal! Glad I went to a different workout this morning…..
For those in the pax who have not taken our Area 51/S-CLT Survey yet, PLEASE do so. It will take less than 5 minutes, I promise. Click below:

Bird Hole
Bird Hole
10 years ago

Thanks for letting a Metro War Daddy (probably and unfortunately won this title this morning; 52 in 2 weeks) join the Kevlar pax today. I will remember Bulldog and crew when I can only do 3 or 4 slerkins at AG tomorrow morning. Nice work Bulldog.

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