An Unknown number of pax were our running in the gloom this morning. Leaderless, but not unmotivated. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound? Yes!

The Thang:

If those unnamed pax were checking their @F3Area51 twitter account they would have known the activity of the Month in May is interval runs. They would have warmed up with a mile they for every subsequent mile, sprinted the first quarter, then jogged 3/4 of a mile. If they started at 5:15 they would have run 6 miles total (5 sprints), and if they started at 5:30 they would have run 4 miles total (with 3 sprints).

Of course, if they would have been checking their @F3Area51 twitter account, they would have also known that 49er and YHC would be MIA this morning and would have taken up the Q mantle in our absence.

Alas, we may never know what happened this morning. What happens in the gloom, stays in the gloom?


Yes this morning the Devil’s Turn was Q-less. 49er was busy arrousing a 3-headed monster by the name of Hydra at Old Providence Elementary. Details on this new workout coming soon I’m sure. Can anything named after a mythical beast be good? Stay tooned!

YHC, I was busy snipping newborn justifiers at the hospitial. Cleaning up the new recruits, so to speak.

For future reference, the daily routine for the Devil’s Turn will here-to-for be relayed to any interested pax in the F3 South weekly email sent out at the beginning of each week. If you missed it and no one is there to guide you – Just Run, Baby. Run.

You may have noticed the ominous sight of the trailers at the entrance to the McAlpine Greenway recently. Alas, the greenway is about to close for at least 2 years due do some scandalous paving project, among other agravances. THe Devil’s Turn will thus be moving shortly to another local, presumably the greenway entrance off Rea Road, near the Trader Joes. If you live close to there, this will give you no other excuses to run on Thursday mornings. If you live near Sardis, sorry. Stay tuned.

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10 years ago

Sprague and Bratwurst for ~6miles (no intervals) conversation pace (I think) through part of the CC course. No intervals.

We picked up Turkey Leg at 2miles to go as he was on the 4mi out&back. We didn’t do intervals on the last 2mi, so don’t know if he did them the first part.

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