Run Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee

Run Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee

27 of the faithful showed this morning for lots of running.

Indian Run in two groups.
Group 1 goes off with Ziapdee – Group 2 with Skywalker

Zip’s workout:
Mosey thru the woods to the park / parking lot, 5 burpees.
(note: Bulldog called an audible of a better way to get to the park instead of taking the normal trail. We quickly found ourselves in the woods; however, no trail to be found (BD utters hrm, I think this is the right way follow me mates! #LOST) and we’re now hopping logs, mosey’ing through mud holes and then scaling a 5’ tree that we had to get over to get to 51. Once on 51, we had a ½ mile mosey to the park (BD turned it into a sprint).
Mosey to pull-up bars, 10 pull-ups, 20 merkins.
Mosey over to the “HILL” and “DING DING” sprint up it…..
Walking Lunges ½ way down and then “DING DING” sprint to bottom of the “HILL”. 5 burpees
Mosey back up to the top of the “HILL”, there’s NO mosey’ing, “DING DING” SPRINT to the top. 30x LBC’s
Mosey over to the hills over by the diamond and soccer fields for suicides. YHC calls out how many trips up the hills and then 1 minute of AMRAP’s as called.
3 trips – Merkins
2 trips – Peter Parkers
2 trips – Carolina Dry Docks
4 trips – Turkish Get-Ups
3 trips – Burpees
Mosey over to the parking lot by the 2 playgrounds for some – Mary – Flutter 30x, Dolly 20x, Rosalita 20x
Mosey back thru the woods, NO audible this go round as we’re getting short on time!
Finally hit pavement so let’s do a 100 yd uphill Indian Bear Crawl home
– Crowd pleaser, as the mumble chatter begins asking if the last guy runs to the front – Psycho T bear crawls past the PAX as if he had 6 legs. #strongbrother!
Once to the top, Wait, look at that wall — Peoples Chair with 30x Air Presses (in cadence)

Skywalker’s Group

SSH, IW, Perkins(that’s a Perfect Merkin), LBC’s

On the track, Partner up with someone you do not know (if that’s possible)
Partner 1: Run a 400 – Partner 2: 30 Merkins then squats til your partner returns
Next, Partner 1: Run 400 – Partner 2: 20 Merkins then LBC’s til your partner return.
Mosey to Football Goal Line
Suicides with Burpees – sprint to 25 w/5 burpees & return to goal line; sprint to 50 w/10 burpees & return; to 75 line with 15 burps & return; to other goal line w/20 burpees (ugh!). YHC hates burpees which is why we did them this morning.
Then same suicides with Squats (using good form) (5/10/15/20)
Suicides with Merkins (5/10/15/20)
Mosey back to parking lot for COT

It’s awesome to see our numbers still high at Death Valley even with the launch of The Maul at Stonecrest.

Great job by everyone in the pax. YHC (Skywalker) talked a lot about the importance of good form with his group. And the pax delivered. Way to go guys.


– New workout, Hydra, starts next Thursday 5/9 at Old Providence Elementary. Site Q’s will be 49’er, Bugeater, and Donkey Kong. If DK is involved there will surely be lots of burpees. He loves burpees so much that YHC thinks DK dreams about them at night. Hydra will be a Bootcamp style workout with “a twist.” Don’t miss it!

-Check out the Area 51/S-CLT new page on F3’s website. There you will not only see all of the workouts that we now have but also 2nd and 3rd F events.
And to read the backblasts from our workouts, you can go to

Starting May 10, the latest 3rd F event will begin, Compass, with Bulldog & Stone Cold. 6:30-7:15 Fridays at the Arboretum Chick-Fil-A. We will be discussing a great book, entitled, The True Measure of a Man

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