Bagpipe – struggling in the gloom

Bagpipe – struggling in the gloom

11 strong men gathered for a beating at the inaugural Bagpipe workout.

The Thang:

Warm-up: 25 side straddle hop, 25 mountain climber, 20 merkins

Jog to lake wall: 10 slow decline merkins, 10 slow dips, 15 jump-ups.

1/3 mile jog around lake.  Rinse and repeat.

Mary: (feet 6 inches up for the whole routine)

25 flutter, 25 dolly, 25 rosalita, 25 heels to the heavens, 1 minute protractor, 25 LBC.  Ab stretch on elbows.  20 count from Dora.

Jog to pull up station:

3 rounds in pairs: partner one does 10 pull ups, partner two does 20 squats

Jog to grass area for sprints:

Sprint to end and back.  5 burpees then sprint to end and back.  10 merkins then sprint to end and back.  10 merkins then sprint to end and back.  10 carolina dry docks then sprint to end and back.  1x 100% sprint to end and back.

Recovery jog around lake then head to parking lot for COT.


– Perfect gloomy setting for the first Bagpip workout.  Managed to condense the large area of operations that is Stonehenge into a smaller chunk and get a full workout in 45 mins.

– Mary was pretty tough for all, especially when Dora lost count during the ab stretch at the end.

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10 years ago

Great leadership by the rock-ribbed Scotsman, planting the flag in the belly of the cube-farm, #sadclown office park. If everyone could come back next Tuesday….that would be great.

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