Taper with a Merlot Twist

Taper with a Merlot Twist

22 dodgy geezers showed up at Kevlar for a nice taper involving sprints, hills, tires and the odd any hill. No snakes today and we got right to it.


Mosey to church lot

SSH x 20
IW x 25
Merkins x 12
MC x 15
Dry Dox x 10

Sit into two groups (eventually) with first group running lap and the next group lunge walking in same direction. Switch when running group catches lunging group. Repeato with bear crawls.

To the Hills

Jacobs Ladder to 7 with manmakers at top and same number of squat jumps at bottom (extra credit knee slaps.)
Mosey to field with sprint to flag pole

1) Partner 1 elbows to regular plank Partner 2 sprint to tires for 10 tri dips.
2) Repeato with mason twists and dry dox.
3) Repeato with flutter kicks and decline merkins.
4) Repeato with burpees and inside grip merkins.
5) Repeato with Turkish get ups and stagger merkins.

Mary till time ran out.



Tough to predict numbers today with Mud Run lads “tapering” in preparation for tomorrow but ended up with 22 hard working fellas. Bananas showed up in his snuggie so as to emulate the feeling of his fartsack. TR was there bright and early studying his form guide prior to critiquing the workout even though the he should have been “tapering” himself. One lad certainly not “tapering” was Fraggle who lost his cornflakes somewhere between the hills and the tires. In F3 terms this type of occurrence is described as the spilling of merlot and this warrior battled on and he reminded me of the guy in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81hT3wNFB4k&sns=em

They were a few concerned looks as the pax headed to the soccer field which had not been cut in a while. Tall grass means only one thing and the rumors of snakes made their way around. The lads got to inspect the tires up close for any rattlers by sticking their heads down deep for the Carolina dry docks. Wolf man was particularly strong on the tires as partners worked hard to get back and make the switch. The burpee call got a few moans from Chuck E Cheese but all in all a good sweat for all involved.

Thanks to Strikeout for taking us out in prayer today.


Good luck to all participating in Mud Run.
May 10th is first 3rd F Friday book study. True Measure of a Man by R.E Simmons. 6:30-7:15 am at Arboretum Chic Fil A. Stonecold and Bulldog leading.
Only Saturday workout is the Rock at Cavary 7am.

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