Playing in the Park

  • When:04/17/13
  • QIC: Young Love, Header
  • The PAX: Tiger Rag, Zippity (or is it Zip-a-Dee), Bulldog, Market Timer, Irish Cream, Double D, Lost Weekend, Good Hands, Wolf man, bananas, Stone Cold, Frost Bite, 49er, monkey Joe, Dora, Space Balls, Mic Check, Counter Top, Harley, stage Coach, Far Side, Abacus, Lex Luther, Brown, Flex, Seattle slue, Fireman Ed, Chewy, Cotton Mouth, Sky Walker, Dokey Kong, run Stopper, bratwurst, briquette, coal miners daughter, bake' beans, haggis, mall cop, salt lick, tumbler, busch, mighty mite, young love, header, baracus, FNG - David Hill - Swiper, FNG - Hayden Taylor- Poser, FNG - Joshua Davidson - Gazelle, FNG - Jerry Montgomery - Rammer Jammer, FNG - Claudio Ortiz - Hump

Playing in the Park

Into a warm Spring gloom, a site-record 50 men came to redeem their week with a Wednesday downPAINment.  No one left disappointed, as all experienced the fine beatdown we have come to expect at the place we so affectionately call Death Valley.


  • Jog following Header over the hills and through the woods to Davie Park
  • Plank-o-rama while folks exit the trail and catch-up with the leaders


  • SSH x30
  • IW x30
  • Merkins x20
  • Squat x20

The Thang:

Count off into 2 groups.  Group 1 goes with Young Love.  Group 2 follows Header.  Each group stays with same QIC the entire time.  Group 1 completes the playground exercises while Group 2 completes the streetlamp session, then flapjack.

Fun at the Playground — a Mini-WIB:

  • 5 pull-ups
  • 10 Donkey Kicks (feet on swing)
  • 10 Decline Merkins (feet on swing)
  • 20 squats
  • Sprint around playground parking lot
  • Repeat xAMRAP

The Streetlamp Session:

PAX partner up.  Partner 1 runs to next street lamp and back (approx. 200 yards total) while Partner 2 completes stated exercise, then flapjack.  Plank in between circuits until all PAX are done.

  • Cicuit 1:
  • Burpee
  • Merkin
  • Carolina Dry Dock
  • Circuit 2:
  • LBC
  • Mason Twist
  • Heels-to-Heaven
  • Circuit 3:
  • Lunges
  • Sister Mary Catherine
  • Jump Squat

*Audible #1: Group A ran short on time so YL skipped Circuit 3 and replaced it with a mix of Lunge Walk and Little Bitty Bear Crawls under the street gates as we jogged back to the COT.

*Audible #2: Group B arrived to COT ahead of Group A and added in a bonus session of People’s Chair while Group A sprinted up the hill to home.


  • Fantastic time leading the PAX this morning.  Nothing like hearing the cadence of 50 men resonate off the trees during COP.  Probably a good thing it was just the birds and foxes we were waking up.
  • Fun at the Playground seemed so do-able the first time through.  Not so much on laps 5 and 6.  WiB, even a mini-WiB like ours, is no joke.
  • You know you’re doing your Burpees correctly when the 200 yard sprint to follow suffices for a breather.  #smoker
  • Youth Invasion?  5 FNGs today, and, correct me if I’m wrong, but 3 in their teens and 2 in their 20s.  Props to all the FNGs pushing the rest of us on the sprints.  Special recognition to Gazelle for hurdling the street gates rather than ducking under with the rest of us. #propernickname


  • Ran out of time for most announcements so check other South Charlotte backblasts for relevant information.
  • Donations of workout clothes for our brothers at Charlotte Rescue Mission will be collected by site Qs on Saturday, April 20.

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11 years ago

Great lead by QICs today. Good mix of variety. Only wish the Park was closer or we could take sidewalk to the Park. Trail kinda stinks because it’s more like a walk and takes too much time.

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