A Dry Run for the Mud Run

  • When:04/13/2013
  • QIC: MallCop
  • The PAX: Goon, Hagins, Donkey Kong, Upstate, Iron Horse (DD), Briquette, Barqs (2.0), Knob, Thin Crust, Stone Cold (DD), La-Z-Boy, Cottonmouth, Supersonic (2.0), Lost Weekend, Deep Dish, Purple Haze, Runstopper (DD), Bugeater (DD), Ray Charles, Wolfman, Harley, Yankee, Checkpoint (DD), Hoffa, Joker, Ocho Cinco (DD), Uncle Leo (DD), Tumbler, Pretty Boy QB, Tiger Rag (DD), Stagecoach (DD), Baracus, Hops, MallCop, missing one I think - post below and be duly recognized!

A Dry Run for the Mud Run

The SF was planted then uprooted and carried to McAlpine Elementary as 35 hearty souls ventured away from The Rock for some MudRun prep work.

The Thang:

MallCop planned a morning of prep work for the MudRun, and did not disappoint.

1 mile run from The Rock to McAlpine Elementary School.  Plank while wait for pax to regroup.

Mud Run Circuit:

Plank Walk down rails

25 ft Run to playground equipment for 7 pull ups.

Run to Starfish playground equipment to jump up and climb over all 4 arms.

Head out to run track stopping half way for 20 burpees.

Continue running track around to lower basketball court for 20 Carolina Dry Docks.

Run up over hill and back around to start over at the handrails.

4 of these circuits in total.

Mary led by Hops.

1 mile run back to The Rock campus at Calvary.

All total – the pax covered 3.75 miles = legit.

MallCop started us with Peter Parkers and then handed over to Hops and TR for 8 MoM and Stretching.


Great to have 9 doubledowners join us from Stonehenge.  A rare day at The Rock with no FNGs, but good turnout nonetheless with a couple 2.0’s.  We have a great group of guys showing up week in and week out with coffeeteria and 2nd F going strong too!

A good test administered by MallCop.  Area51 will be strongly represented in the MudRun in 2 weeks!

Nice prayer to close by Barqs!

Good work men.  Great to see Ray Charles’ knee rehab coming along – great to have you back.  And Joker is back for sure – T-claps for that.

YHC is proud to be counted amongst all of you.  Aye!


3rd F Workout launching Friday, May 10th at Chic-Fil-A Arboretum at 0630 immediately following Centurion and Kevlar.  Bulldog and StoneCold as QICs.  Will start with the book – True Measure of a Man by R.E. Simmons.

Area51 Convergence at The Rock – Saturday, April 27th at 0700 for those not doing MudRun.  Strange Brew and Runstopper are QICs.

Keep EH’ing your friends, neighbors and co-workers.  The bigger the pax, the stronger we all are.

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