The Hobbled, or There and Back Again

  • When:04/08/13
  • QIC: Dora
  • The PAX: Crab Cake, Cheese Curd (WV), Bulldog, Countertop, Cottontail, Ice T, Fire Marshall Bill, Custer, Lobster Tail, Sir Purr, Lex Luthor, Mic Check, Bibendum (FNG Danny B.), Young Love, Skinner, Snowflake (WD), Dirty Bird, Lobster Roll, Dora (Q)

The Hobbled, or There and Back Again

19 men showed up this Monday morning for a little ‘there and back again’ helped along with a big fat dose of…


Sprint to far soccer pitch. Circle up for…


  • x10 Burpees (on your own)
  • x20 Imperioo Wawka
  • x20 CDD
  • x20 SSH

Line up on goal line for partner field work. How it works:
– Partner 1 sprints to far goal line and back
– Partner 2 does AMRAP for said exercise
– Flapjack
– Keep Flapjacking to reach target total reps
– Total reps are per team

  • Round 1 — 100 LBCs
  • Round 2 — 200 Merkins
  • Round 3 — 300 Squats
  • Round 4 — 400 Burpees. Just kidding. One partner’s lap worth of Burpees (10-15)

Mosey to Little Baby Playground for…

  • 11s Dips/Derkins

Mosey to the wall for…

  • x60 sec. People’s Chair
  • Balls to the Wall with x5 Push-em-ups in cadence for extra credit
  • x45 sec. People’s Chair

Mosey to Little Baby Track for…

  • Partner 1 — Mtn. Climbers, Partner 2 — sprint around the track.
  • Flapjack
  • Partner 1 — Jump Squats, Partner 2 — sprint around the track.
  • Flapjack


  • x25 Dolly
  • x20 Flutter Kick
  • x20 Reverse LBC
  • x20 Rosalita en Espanol

Mosey back to parking lot for COT.



Nothing like meeting up at 0530 on a Monday morning to start the week off right. It’s always a honor to lead you men, and it’s big fun. Who’s next?

Cooked up the 100/200/300 while on vacation. I liked it. I think it needs a name. How about the “#Dora123.” It kept the heart rate high, and gave everyone a lot of opportunity to work on your Perkins and your Psquats. Expect an encore on this one.

Today was the multilingual edition of The Matrix, complete with a Spanish counting lesson during Mary and what may be our first Latin F3 nickname: Bibendum. Welcome to Danny B., our sole FNG today who works for a tire company. Google the connection. Welcome, Bibendum. You’ll be expected at #HDHH.

Speaking of multilingual, seems like Dora was the only pax interested in the sprint to the fields for COP. Calls of “Run, Dora, run” from behind me should have been “Vamanos.” Looks like Dolphin is gonna hafta Q The Matrix to show you how we start.



USMC Leatherneck Mud Run is 2 weeks away. Some teams have had cancellations. If you want to join a team, send a request up to and we’ll try and match you up.

Snowflake is involved with Project Hope which is a support project for our veterans. If you are a veteran and would like to find out how you can help out, or if you want to learn more, send an email up to with the subject “Project Hope” and we will get it to Snowflake.

Happy Hour on Wednesday at Vintner in the Arbo.


Dora out.

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Ice T
Ice T
11 years ago

Great Q, Dora. Kept the pace moving the whole way. 10 burpees oyo as lead exercise was a switch. #Dora123 may inspire some kind of #Runstopper789 or #DonkeyKong101112, so I’m good with leaving it unnamed for fear of the competition.
Nice job Bibendum on your initial downPAINment.

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