The Wrath of Haggis

  • When:04/05/13
  • QIC: Haggis, Escargot
  • The PAX: Hops, Abba, Mall Cop, Boomer, Crab Cakes, Haggis, RunStopper, Rock, Titan, Cheese Curd, Escargot, Mic Check

The Wrath of Haggis

The Thang:


25 side straddle hops 25 Mountain climbers 25 merkins

Run to dips station.

10 slow merkins 10 slowedips

Run to school station.

10 slow squats 10 slowed back raises

Run to dip station. Repeato


Legs 6 inches off the floor for the entire time.

25 flutter

25 Dolly.

25 bicycle.

One minute protractor

25 heels to the heavens.

One minute an stretch on the elbows.

Escargot lead:

Divide into two groups.

Group one takes one lap around the parking lot, group two does 15 burpees and 15 merkins.

Rinse and repeat with 10/10, plank until other group returns.

Rinse and repeat with 5/5, plank until other group returns.

Jog to the back of the lot.

Dragon walk down the hill.  Not a good idea…..

Backwards lunge walk back up the hill.

One last lap around the parking lot (all you got).


Mole Skin:

  • Great downpainment today, I am going to need to look into the fact that I am able to do less and less merkins instead of more.
  • As RunStopper suggested, we will need to work on the dragon walk on flat ground before we jump to down hill.  My Bad Brothers.
  • The squat and back bend sequence was brutal, but we will need to work that in some more.
  • RunStopper and I are going to continue to work on access to the stadium, we will get it.
  • Email me: if you want to lead.
  • We had two Governator cameos today, Titan and Rock good to have you out.  Join us anytime.
  • Keep applying the headlocks men, there are probably countless men in the area that need F3 in their lives.  They just need to find us.
  • Welcome FNG, Mic Check.  Now you have a taste, F3 gets in your blood brother!


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11 years ago

Great Q Haggis and Escargot. Centurion is getting better and better!
Crab Cakes getting noticeably stronger!
And great work by the War Daddy – Boomer as well.

11 years ago


11 years ago

I’d say I enjoyed it, but I’m still recovering. Nice work, brothers.

11 years ago

First time for me as War Daddy at a workout. And as they say, you never forget your first.

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