Hey, You’ve Got A Headlight Out

Hey, You’ve Got A Headlight Out

The Shovel Flag was planted and 10 Pax braved the brisk / breezy gloom to get their run on at Devil’s Turn.

Haggis and Purple Haze launched around 5:20 to get in their 6 miles.  YHC and Skywalker where both planning on launching at 5:15 for the Colossus heat, however both of us were running late this morning and had to launch with the Jack Rabbits at 5:30 for a quicker paced 4 miler.  In addition to the 2 of us, the other 4 milers today included Donky Kong, Stone Cold, The Drill, Acqua Fresh, Chum, and Joker.


It was great having Joker out with us today as he has been battling some injuries.  An injury riddled Joker is still fast and strong.  Nice work brother and we’re continuing to pray for your healing.

As DK comes pulling into the parking lot and starts walking over to join the group, Stone Cold proceeded to inform DK that he has 1 headlight out.  With a puzzled look on his face DK looks down at his chest trying to figure out what the joke was about.  No joke brother, we’re all just looking out for eachother, although it did turn into a funny encounter!

We had half (6 pax) of our Charlotte South BRR team out training this morning at Devil’s Turn.  Where are the rest of you at?  Hope you’re putting in some miles!  We have right around 5 months until the race which is plenty of time to get into running shape.  YHC for one needs to start stretching the distance and putting in 1 more run per week.  Be on the lookout over the next couple of weeks for trainging runs and logistical information as we begin to organize for the event.

Prayer Request are plentiful right now and starting #1 with OLB and his family as they mourn his passing.  Please see the write-up by OBT on the website for information regarding the services, a memorial workout at Core this Sat., and an opportunity for all of us in F3 Nation to make a donation to a scholarship fund for his children.  Prayer requests also go out for Ray Charles who had knee surgery this week, injuries for Joker and Skywalker,  Matlock’s daughter, Tiger Rag’s daughter, Ice Hole’s daughter and several others.

Until Next Time.

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The Shore
11 years ago

Great job out there this morning guys. Sorry I missed all the fun. I, for one, will be at the Core on Satuday.

11 years ago

Great to have Joker out with us in the Gloom running his “slow” pace. Aye!

11 years ago

Enjoyed breaking a sweat with you guys this morning!

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