Fairwell to Frozen Temperatures

  • When:03/14/13
  • QIC: The Shore
  • The PAX: Stone Cold, Bratwurst, Purple Haze, Mall Cop, Skywalker, The Shore, Frost Bite, Abacus, Chum

Fairwell to Frozen Temperatures

9 souls ventured forth into the frozen greenway to run somewhere between 4 and 6 miles.

The Thang:

5:15 Gazelles (Stone Cold, Bratwurst, and Purple Haze) went 6.

5:15 Turtles (Mall Cop, Skywalker – slow and steady can still win the race!)

5:30 Building (The Shore, Frost Bite, Abacus, Chum)


Much of the talk this morning centered around the closing of our greenway entrance of Sardis Road. In true government fashion, what was originially billed as a project to start at the beginning of 2013, now is slated to start in “late” 2013. More delays to come I’m sure.

Might this be the last of the sub-freezing temperatures? We’ll be complaining of the heat before we know it.

COT prayers were sent out to many of our family and friends (Joker and Ray Charles among you) who are sick or ailing. There always seems to be much/many for the Lord to look after.

Spartan Sprint and Mudrun are fast approaching. The rest of you better start running soon!

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11 years ago

Great to be with you guys. And hoping there WILL be more delays in the Greenway’s closing. Love running there. Hope to join the Pax a little more as I train for the BRR with MallCop

11 years ago

Great to rejoin you guys on the soft stuff. Fortunately, no coupons or rucks anymore. Before the turn, Stone Cold dropped for 1 impromptu merkin on the concrete, but he held it together for the rest of the way and maintained a nice pace over the second half that Purple Haze hung on to.

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