This is base camp?

  • When:03/11/13
  • QIC: Callaway
  • The PAX: Callaway, Strange Brew, Smash, Coal Miners Daughter, Skywalker, Hops, FNG – Spielberg, Furley

This is base camp?

Eight strong men posted at South Charlotte Middle School for today’s installment of Base Camp

The Thang –

Jog from parking lot to baseball field

1 burpee

SSH x10

2 burpees

IW x12

3 burpees

Low, slow squat x15

4 burpees

Lunge x10

5 burpees

merkin x10

Jog to football field

Line up at endzone – stations at 25 yard line/50/25 and opposite endzone. Repeat 6x with the following:

Merkin x5

LBC x10

Squat x15

Lunge x10

wide arm merkin x5

dolly x10

Mini JW:

1 merkin to 2 arm press to 6 merkin and 12 arm press and back down

Jog to restroom bldg

1 min wall sit x2

Jog to baseball benchs. Lap around outside of baseball field with pain station:

15 dips, burpees x3 at top of hill, 5 squat jumps, decline merkins x10 on rail. Rinse/repeat

Jog to parking lot

High dolly x10 – hold ’em

flutter x10 – hold ’em

Naked moleskin –

Excellent work from the new guys – Spielberg and Furley. Keep at it!

Moans from the PAX when the Jack Webb was announced – Smash: “it only looks easy!”

Nice adaptation from Skywalker and Strange Brew on some of the exercises while they are still recovering from injury.




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11 years ago

Great workout Callaway. Special shout out to Furley & Spielberg for pushing through the pain. Hope you guys come back out.
And Strange Brew, you are my hero, Brother.

Strange Brew
11 years ago

Enjoyed every minute of it, Spielberg and Furley powered through to the end, well done men, can’t wait to see you next week!

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