Four Cones and a Playground

  • When:03-09-13
  • QIC: Crab Cake
  • The PAX: Abacus, Turkey Leg, O'Tannenbaum, Cotton Tail, Zip-A-Dee, Bulldog, Powder, Sir Purr, Fire Marshall Bill, Strike Out, Ice T, Young Love, So Cal, ABBA, That Guy (FNG), Sprague, Uncle Leo, Salt Lick, Skinner, Far Side, Cheese Curd (WV), Donkey Kong, Tiger Rag, Crab Cake, 1 more....shout out in the comments

Four Cones and a Playground

(Posted on behalf of Crab Cake).


25 brothers pulled into The Matrix that included 1 FNG (That Guy) for a Monday morning downPAINment.  Due to the hour loss of sleep and O2 deprivation I could not remember everyone’s name.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


Jog to the lower parking lot for warm-up.

SSH x25 in cadence

IW x25 in cadence

LBC x25 in cadence

Merkins x25 on your own


Jog to the pitch, look 4 cones

Partner carry squats

5 squats 1st cone; 5 squats 2nd cone; switch; partner 5 squats 3rd cone; 5 squats 4th cone

Repeat on the way back with 4 squats at each cone; then 3, 2, 1 and plank to all done.

Heard a lot of grunts and moans.  This one seemed to be a crowd pleaser.


Cones are fun so let’s do a Merkin/LBC suicide ladder

1st cone 5 merkins, back to start 5 LBC; 2nd cone 10 merkins, back to start 10 merkins then 15, then 20.  Before going down the ladder make sure you hit the 20 twice, then 15, 10, 5 and plank when done.

Hey there’s a playground, let’s jog to it

3 groups: 1) hanging knee up 2) dips 3) backwards jog up/back length of parking lot

Move to wall for peoples chair 90 sec.  Inchworm merkin to sidewalk.  Another crowd pleaser.

Rinse/repeat cycle with forward run and then back to wall for 90 sec peoples chair, balls to wall for 30 sec, 60 sec peoples chair and lunge to sidewalk.

Look we still have time left, another cycle with forward run, dips and high knee ups.


Circle up for MOM

Oblique LBC to the right x25 then left x25 in cadence

Dolly x25 in cadence (hold em)

Rosalita x25 in cadence (Thanks all for the Spanish lesson.)

Superman (Harmony.  We sound great at 6:15AM)



Strong showing by all brothers at The Matrix.  Always trying to mix it up and try new things.  Thanks for allowing me to use you as my test subjects and thanks for allowing me to lead each of you in today’s gloom.  It’s an adrenalin rush and anyone who has not led, step up and take the reigns.  You won’t want to let them go.

Far Side trying to hijack the Q for some stoppage time burpees…rebuffed with extreme prejudice.

Zip-A-Dee (#Loudcounter) sporting the #FrogFace.  Guess he got tired of picking food out of that Old Testament style beard.

Welcome to FNG That Guy, another FH Ute Pastor joining the Pax.

If you haven’t already done so, sign up for the Spartan Sprint, March 23 and 24th.

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