New Start Time…But Same Old Pain

  • When:03/09/13
  • QIC: Haggis
  • The PAX: Market Timer, Wingman, Diamond, FNG Unknown Name (F3 Dirty Jersey), Frehley's Comet, Deep Dish, Jamboree, Thin Crust, Puppy Love, Shriver, Hermie, Strange Brew, Soft Pretzel, Haggis

New Start Time…But Same Old Pain

Posted on behalf of Haggis

14 Pax braved the new start time of 0600 for their daily downPAINment to start the weekend.  We wanted to go heavy, but we had no weights available.  We each were able to find 160 – 200lbs of extra resistance for some of the exercises….

The Thang:;

Jog to first parking lot

– SSH x 25
– Imperial Walker x 25
– Merkin x 30

Jog to Lake Ledge
– 12 decline merkins – slow with max form
– 12 dips with one raised leg – slow with max form
– Jog one lap around lake.
Rinse and repeat

Jog to pull up station.  Partner up.
– 10 squats with partner on back
– 10 merkins with partner legs on back
– 10 pull ups with partner assist as necessary – ALL the way down, ALL the the way up!
Rinse and repeat.

Jog to road.
Indian run 1/3 mile over bridge to Mary’s favorite parking lot.

– Flutter x 25
– Dolly x 25
– Heels to Heaven x 25
– Flutter x 25
– 1 minute ab stretch on elbows and toes

Jog back to another parking lot
– 20 merkins, 50 yard sprint, 20 merkins, 50 yard sprint
– 20 squats, 50 yard sprint, 20 squats, 50 yard sprint
– 20 mountain climber, 50 yard sprint, 20 mountain climber, 50 yard sprint

Relay race.  Two teams, 35 yard sprint and return for each man.
– Winning team 5 burpees, losing team 8 burpees

Jog to lake.
– Sprint race around lake for some, recovery time for others.  Approx 1/3 mile.

Jog back to start point.

3 minutes left…

Knee Ups x 2525 i
Merkin/Burpee Lader up to 6

– Toughest exercise was probably the merkins with extra wieght of partners feet on your back.
– Mary was in a bad mood this morning and decided to punish us by not allowing any breaks through the whole session.
– Frehley’s Comet brought along a suitor for his daughter who now goes by the name of “Dirty Jersey”.
– Dolphin was missed by all… but nobody missed the uphill bearcrawl/merkin combo that he came up with last week

– Remember Stonehenge is taking a field trip to The Rock next week. Workout starts at 0700 at Calvary Church.

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