fartleks in the cold

  • When:03/07/13
  • QIC: The Shore, 49er
  • The PAX: 49er, Purple Haze, Strange Brew, Donkey Kong, Turkey Leg, Bugeater, Abacus, Chum, Frost Bite, Strike Out, The Shore

fartleks in the cold

11 men showed up for an early morning jog. If you were fartsacking, it is still cold and dark at 5:30 AM these days.

The idea was to sprint the first quarter mile of each mile. I think maybe only Donkey Kong made it through with this promise.

Great new have new faces out for the first time, or starting to become more regulars. We’re all running our own personnal race. We’re just doing it together.

DK, Turkey leg and 49er look strong. The rest of us are working hard to get there.

Chum dragged himself out of the warm bed to join us again. I had given him up to the coyotes. Glad your back.

Good also to see Strange Brew back, working out the kinks in that right arm. And with plans to post for the next two days as well! Still working hard.

One we still miss though is Ray Charles. Hope the leg is feeling better brother.

Don’t forget about The Centurion tomorrow at Charlotte Catholic. There will be no Kevlar tomorrow. Meet behind the Courger’s football field at 5:30 instead.

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Mall Cop
11 years ago

I hated missing the run this morning as I’ve been DR in Raleigh on business mid-week. Looking forward to being back out to Devil’s Turn next week and to the launch of Centurion in tomorrow’s gloom!

Any word on when the city will officially close the Greenway for construction or when we will make the move for DT to the other Greenway at the Rea Rd trail head by Trader Joes and Starbucks?

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