Matlock Payback

  • When:03/01/13
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Geraldo, Broke, Dolphin, Boots, Brown, Bulldog, Wolfman, Cowboy, Sprague, Cheesecurd, Good Hands, Bananas, Stagecoach, Crabcake, Baracus, Spackler, Zipadee, Turkey Leg, Strikeout, Young Love, Stone Cold, Baked Beans, Dora, Schedule C, Frostbite, Skywalker , Tiger Rag, Run Stopper, Header, Ice T, and of course Matlock (missing 2?)

Matlock Payback


Thirty three of Charlotte’s finest came out to endure “The Matlock” which came about due to the smack talking from Mondays Matrix workout. The gentleman named Matlock who likes to cruise in for the last 15 minutes or so of a workout had the audacity to claim Kevlar was lame…Today was a chance to prove him wrong and hats off to the man for showing up and for being on time!!! In trying to prove a point any mention of the name “Matlock” by the Q meant the PAX got to enjoy a round of 10 burpees.

The Thang

SSH (small man count) X 30
Matlock (10 burpees)
IW x 25
Matlock (10 burpees)
MC x 25
Honeymooner x 15 secs
Matlock (10 burpees)

Mosey to track and partner up

Exercises to 30 secs (roughly) or when Zipadee starts whining – whichever comes first.
1) Pull-ups (run lap)
2) Over and under hurdles (run lap)
3) Tire push (run lap)
4) Tire squat (run lap)
5) Tire flip and merkin (run lap)
6) Tire dips (run lap)
7) Tire manmakers (Matlock and run lap)
8) Stagger tire merkins x 3 (run lap)
9) Tire burpees (run lap)
10) Tire dry docks (Matlock)
11) Louganis with rock (run lap)
12) Decline merkins with shoulder touch (run lap)
13) People’s chair (Matlock)
14) Bar dips (run lap)
15) Burpees (run lap)

Two minutes of Mary with Skywalker on Q


Great turnout as cars kept coming at 0530. Great energy level and banter began at the quick count SSH. If Matlock would have shown up at normal time he’d have had to park on Hwy 51 and he was surprisingly quiet today even though his name was mentioned many times throughout the morning. Q struggled to keep track of the 30 second interval but was always made aware of the clock by some whining of the Zipadee kind. Cheesecurd shook off an early ankle twist around the track and pushed on through. TR was flying on the runs despite the traffic on the track. Frostbite decided to skip out on tire burpees for some kind of tire yo yo bounce instead. Nothing like sticking your head in a wet tire at 0545 for the tire dry docks. Great seeing Skywalker out today with his bionic arm even though it was not too wrist friendly. In his absence Skywalker forgot the difference between a Rosalita and a dolly but we will forgive him this time.


Convergence next Friday at new workout called Centurion at Charlotte Catholic with Runstopper on Q so no Kevlar.
Saturday workouts as scheduled.
Thanks to Young Love for taking us out with inspirational prayer.
Congrats to Cheescurd for new addition to the Luedke clan. Word has it he’s sleeping great cos its all on his wife anyway!!!

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11 years ago

I must thank my English Nanny for quite an enjoyable morning. I rode the cycling trainer for an hour after your workout with a cup of Earl Grey in my water bottle in your honor! Pip-Pip Cheerio & all that sort! Gud-day, Chap.

11 years ago

Great workout this morning Bulldog. Nice to be out with my F3 Brothers this morning. The 2nd F is very evident.

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